Tennis power couple goes to history: Kristina Mladenovic & Dominic Thiem break up


France’s doubles world No.2 Kristina Mladenovic and singles world No.4 Dominic Thiem of Austria both had super successful ends to the 2019 season, as the WTA player won the doubles title at the Shiseido WTA Finals Shenzhen and led her country to the Fed Cup triumph, while the men’s tennis star finished runner-up at the Nitto ATP Finals in London, but they will not wind down together and jointly celebrate their achievements during the off-season, as the word is out that the couple has ended their long-term relationship.

In my WTA Players and their Love Partners section, I first wrote about the relationship between Mladenovic and Thiem when they made it official by sharing a kiss in an Instagram story in December 2017. They had started dating earlier that year.

Media are reporting that it’s all over now and we can conclude that it’s true, as the 26-year-old Mladenovic has deleted all their pictures from Instagram, while Thiem revealed the reason for their break up on a talk show, saying that their constant travels and hectic schedules interfered with their ability to maintain a stable relationship.

Interestingly, only months ago Mladenovic said how lucky she was to have a partner who understands her lifestyle:

I am very lucky and fortunate with my relationship. Obviously, in many ways, it helps to have a person that understands your job and sacrifices and accepts your job as a woman. It’s not easy every day but there are also difficulties because you have to be apart from your partner but I think the understanding and the love is more powerful and the respect is amazing so I am the luckiest.

Speculation about the pair’s breakup intensified when Mladenovic was not spotted supporting Thiem in London last week.


  1. The tennis life is such a grind, with the travel and highs and lows of winning and losing. It can take its toll on you, especially if you are having a relationship with another tennis player. I believe I read that Dominic Thiem has played on 5 continents this year and in 15 different countries. I hope that both he and Kiki have continued success on the courts.

  2. Oh this is so sad! I’ve been following them for a while. It’s so hard when you’ve got hectic schedules though, and I cant count the number of relationships that have dissolved to to it. Here’s hoping that others will be more lucky!


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