Cryosphere & Cryosleeve: Ice, massage and compression in two products for perfect athletic recovery

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Athletes should stay focused on training, performance and keeping their bodies strong, while there are products designed to keep their muscles recovered and ready for upcoming challenges. This post is sponsored by Recoup Fitness, American company that produces high-performance hot-and-cold portable muscle recovery tools. They’ve recently turned their attention towards the tennis market, as their Cryosleeve has been receiving strong feedback from tennis players that have tennis elbow.

Cryosphere — benefits of ice and massage in a single product


Portable cold massage roller combines ice and massage and stays cold for six hours to provide relief on-the-go. This is essentially an ice cup replacement — mess-free, easily cleanable and time-saving. Sphere comes out of the handle to allow for rolling on bottom of feet, IT band, etc. This is Recoup Fitness’ flagship product that is used by professional athletes and throughout the fitness and recovery industry. Price: $39.99.


Cryosleeve — tennis players’ favorite

Combines ice and compression for one hour of portable cold relief. BOA Fit System is integrated into the sleeve for dual-zone compression, allowing the user to dial in their desired level of compression. For use on multiple body parts with sizing for both legs and arms. Great for reducing inflammation, speeding up recovery and general pain relief for injuries such as carpal tunnel, shin splints, tendonitis, tennis elbow, knee injuries, etc. Price: $89.99.

The Cryosphere and Cryosleeve can be purchased together in a Cold Recovery Kit ($119.99).

Recoup Fitness

Upcoming product: Thermosleeve

In early March 2020, Recoup Fitness will launch the Thermosleeve, which will have the same design as the Cryosleeve, but with heat wiring throughout and a rechargeable micro-USB battery pack that will provide heat for up to two hours. Thermosleeve will be great for pre-workout warm-ups, as well as for any other thermal recovery athletes are working on.

The Cryosphere and Cryosleeve are excellent Christmas gifts for anyone who leads an active lifestyle and needs to combat muscle fatigue, pain, tightness, soreness and knots while promoting natural stress relief.

For more information about Recoup Fitness and their contribution to fitness recovery, visit their official website and follow them on social media — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo.


  1. I’ve been playing tennis for a while, but I’m only just now starting to kind of take it seriously. My knee has been giving me a but of trouble and I’ve tried a lot of things out on it. I’ve never heard of the cryosleeve, though. I’ll have to try it out!


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