Serena Williams takes us inside her new Florida home

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After purchasing a 14,500-square-foot house north of Miami, Serena Williams worked with her sister Venus’ interior design company V Starr Interiors to create a space that would put the tennis icon’s vision of a perfect home into reality. Williams moved into her dream home during the pandemic and opened the door to Architectural Digest to give us a tour of her favorite rooms.

The strangest thing about the house is that it doesn’t have a formal living room. Serena didn’t want a couch, TV, etc. to be the focal point of her living space, rather, she created an art gallery! The spacious room features eclectic artwork, including Serena’s own painting, a see-through piano and a library.

Serena is always on the go and, judging by her living room, or lack thereof, she doesn’t plan to spend her days on a coach any time soon. Her art gallery has just one wood bench in the middle and a Kaws x Campana chair that functions more as a piece of art than furniture.

Venus confirmed that their family doesn’t use living rooms:

I am not a fan of just having spaces to have them. Maybe some people use their formal living rooms, but we don’t. So we created a space that she can actually use and enjoy and live with the art, and invite other people to absorb it and have that emotional connection as soon as you walk in. It sets the tone for the rest of the home.

In the trophy room, Serena displays just some of her numerous tennis awards. The 23-time Grand Slam champion is apparently not attached to her trophies. They are are scattered all over the place, between her homes and that of her coach Patrick Mouratoglou. As Tennis World USA reports, some of Serena’s major trophies were stolen from her home during a party:

I had a party at my house a few years ago and someone must have felt so comfortable they took away some Grand Slam trophies.

The office walls feature Serena’s portraits from magazine covers and photo shoots. The karaoke room called Sérénade has a small stage where the world famous athlete often sings with her daughter. Interestingly, one thing that this luxurious house doesn’t have is a tennis court.

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