Naomi Osaka and Cordae reveal details about their relationship


Tennis star Naomi Osaka and her rapper boyfriend Cordae took a couples quiz for GQ magazine. This relationship has been going strong for about two years now, but let’s see how well they actually know each other.

When they first met during a Los Angeles Clippers game, Naomi’s first impression was that Cordae was clumsy, because he knocked over a glass. Their first kiss happened in Indian Wells, while a trip to Rhode Island was their most memorable date. They made the relationship public in September 2019, when Naomi posted a photo of them hugging near LA’s Hollywood sign.

Nike sweats are Naomi’s go-to look for every day, but for the Q&A session with her boyfriend, the tennis champion went for a more elegant casual outfit, a striped light blue oversized shirt and a colorful scarf as a hair accessory. Cordae wore a black hoodie and for some reason he was constantly covering his mouth with it.


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