Croatian tennis player auctions off a spot on her skin as NFT


Jessica Pegula is not the only tennis player hopping on the crypto craze. Even though the American called herself the first female athlete to join the NFT marketplace, it looks like Croatian Oleksandra Oliynykova tried herself out in the cryptocurrency world a couple of weeks earlier. The world No.778 Oliynykova did something eccentric — she sold a 15 cm x 8 cm patch of skin above her right elbow for 3 ETH, which is at the moment worth more than $6,000.

The 20-year-old Oliynykova merged her love for crypto and tattoos, auctioning off a spot on her body as a non-fungible token. The idea is that the owner sees it as an investment, hoping that Oliynykova’s career will take off and that the area on her skin will be worth much more in the future.

On her sales page, Oliynykova explained that the owner can place an art object in the form of a tattoo or body art on her arm, leave it blank, or resell it at a higher price. Moreover, she pointed out that this was the only place on her body that she would offer as an NFT and the owner would become a part of sports history as no other professional athlete had offered a tattoo NFT before.

If the owner chooses to place a tattoo on Oliynykova’s arm, there are just some basic restrictions, like it shouldn’t contain anything related to gambling, betting, etc.

What do you think about this emerging phenomenon? I would never feel comfortable doing what Oliynykova did, but she is obviously very young and likes challenges. Selling a patch of her skin is definitely a good marketing trick and business opportunity.


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