Cordae’s lyrics spark criticism for Naomi Osaka

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Rapper Cordae is so proud of his girlfriend Naomi Osaka that he’s mentioning their relationship in his songs. Some revelations about how committed they are, didn’t sit well with tennis fans.

In his new song “More Life”, Cordae brags about dating a tennis star (at 2:15):

My girl a tennis star, you n-ggas out here marrying hoes.

The “Dream in Color” track reveals how committed Naomi is to their relationship, so committed that she would sacrifice her sports career to an extent. Cordae angered some tennis fans with the following verses (at 0:43):

My girl would forfeit a tennis match to meet my grandmama, man, she truly a keeper.

Here are some reactions of the Tennis Forum members:

“This is embarrassing and speaks volumes about Naomi’s lack of professionalism and maturity.”

“Couldn’t she have met the grandma when she DIDN’T have a match?”

“Naomi treating the WTA Tour like it’s her frontyard playground is nothing new, so this isn’t far-fetched.”

“Hypothetical or not, she was willing to throw a match to meet someone she isn’t even related to. And he would have let her. He clearly sees her fuxking around with her career for him as something to brag about! Trash.”

“Throwing away a tennis match would NEVER be even mentioned alongside the names of Serena, Venus, Sharapova and all the other great champions we had in our sport.”

“It’s pathetic for a professional tennis player at her age to even discuss it.”

“This is all rather ridiculous, isn’t it? Couldn’t Naomi just meet his grandmother on one of the other 340 days of the year when she doesn’t have a match?”

There are those that defend Naomi:

“She isn’t responsible for the dumb things her boyfriend says.”

“Blaming Naomi for rap lyrics she didn’t even write, eh. Some people are just trying too hard.”

What Cordae said about Naomi visiting his grandmother is probably metaphorical, but it must be true that the WTA player is willing to give up a lot of things. Naomi has always been open about how much she loves and appreciates her boyfriend. After all, he stopped everything he was doing, hopped on a plane, arrived to New York City, quarantined for a few days, and came to see Naomi play and win the 2020 US Open.


  1. Hmmm. I’d like to know all the silly things all these people (would) have done in the name of love when they were 23.
    I guess having your entire life discussed by people you don’t know comes with the “rich & famous package”…

  2. Wow what a dumbass bf, what is he? An unknown aspiring rapper? Never heard of him/his songs.
    She can do so so much better!


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