Venus Williams gets emotional returning to her first tennis court in Compton


Venus Williams took a journey back home to her childhood and the start of her tennis career in Compton. Together with her sister Isha Price, Venus got emotional as she visited the tennis courts where she started her grind towards success.

Venus Williams reveals the No.1 thing that made her a champion

Talent and some luck influence the level of success one achieves, but the absolutely predominant factor is always work, the effort you put in, the dedication, the sweat, the grind. Venus Williams’ success story followed the same pattern, as we can conclude from her reaction to revisiting the Compton courts where she and her sister Serena hit their first tennis balls.

Struck by emotions and with tears in her eyes, the American couldn’t stop repeating “so many hours” and “too many hours”. Late into the night, rain or shine, the Williams sisters never missed their practice.

The Williams sisters’ journey was recently depicted in the “King Richard” movie. During the 2022 Oscars, Beyoncé made a show-stopping performance on these now legendary tennis courts.

Wouldn’t do it again, but it paid off

“I wouldn’t wanna do that again,” Williams laughed as she remembered the long practices and endless repetitions . At the time it was fine, it seemed normal, it was the only life she knew, her routine, but Williams wouldn’t like to go through that hard process again, no way.

The funny moment was when Isha said: “I think the hours paid off.” And Venus looked at her like “paid off” was an absolute understatement and they started laughing. Isha concluded: “The hours absolutely have paid off and created such a wonderful life that we all share. It’s been a beautiful journey and it’s still going.”

It was also funny when Venus mentioned some people that she played with in those days: “I destroyed them, no mercy. What a heartless child.”

The YouTube series also shows Venus visiting her Mark Twain Elementary School and the Yetunde Price Resource Center established in memory of her sister.



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