Adidas releases Spring 2023 tennis collection


Tennis Warehouse Europe already has available Adidas’ Spring 2023 tennis collection. It’s unclear whether these new graphic outfits will be worn by WTA players at the Australian Open, but it’s unlikely, since apparel for the Grand Slam tends to feature “Melbourne” in its name. UPDATE: As we thought, Adidas released a new collection for the Australian Open, here you can have a look.

adidas spring 2023 tennis dress

The black-and-white print is clearly inspired by tennis, as we can see tennis balls and racquets in both the Adidas Women’s Spring Graphic Tank and Adidas Women’s Spring Club Graphic Skirt. Can you guess the letters featured in the print, what is written here?adidas spring 2023 tennis outfit

The black-and-white pattern includes coral contrasts, while the collection also offers a solid coral item — the Adidas Women’s Spring Y-Tank.

This is the first 2023 tennis collection by a major brand. Have you come across information about some other 2023 designs? Hopefully we’ll see more new clothes being unveiled in the coming days. It seems like the tennis fashion game has slowed down since corona. In earlier years, we had much more hype and new year’s releases during the off-season.


  1. it seems adidas are content with the same designs they already have, and just change the prints and colours. I’ve seen the orange top in almost every colour now. A nice design, but i’ll admit, quite boring. I hope they change it up for Australia. I always like bright bold colours at AO


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