Carina Witthoeft kisses her fiancé and shows engagement ring

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Former German world No.48 Carina Witthoeft shared engagement news on her Instagram. The inactive WTA player said “yes” to her long-term boyfriend in Hamburg and cheered to forever with the love of her life.


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The 28-year-old Witthoeft gave her Instagram followers a glimpse into her moments of greatest happiness by sharing a heartwarming photo of herself kissing her partner and also giving us a closeup of her engagement ring. That’s not all that’s bringing excitement to Carina’s life. Back in March, she delighted her followers by revealing that she was 17 weeks pregnant. The baby is almost here!

Now, let’s meet the man who captured Carina’s heart — Steffen Werner. Although he keeps a low profile on social media, we know that he is very athletic, as he loves surfing, adventure and sports. According to his Instagram and LinkedIn, his primary occupation lies in the medical field.

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