Sorana on Serena: “She always had this arrogance.”


Romania’s Sorana Cirstea labeled Serena Williams as an arrogant tennis player after the 23-time Grand Slam champion appeared to shame Simona Halep for being given a four-year ban for doping.

Sorana Cirstea at a press conference

A year after testing positive for the prohibited substance roxadustat, Halep finally received a verdict, although a devastating one — she was found guilty of two separate anti-doping rule violations: 1) failing a test for the blood-boosting substance roxadustat 2) irregularities in her Athlete Biological Passport, which suggest prolonged use.

As the news about the four-year ban came out, the retired Williams, who lost to the Romanian in the 2019 Wimbledon final, posted a cryptic message on social media: “8 is a better number.” The sentence has been interpreted as referring to Halep, since Williams would have had eight Wimbledon singles titles had she not lost that final in London four years ago.

Speaking with Sport Romania, Cirstea defended her compatriot Halep and revealed her own paranoia concerning unintentional intake of a banned substance:

I know Simona. I don’t think she ever consciously doped. This suspension is for an innocent person. I was afraid to take anything, I was afraid to take an aspirin. I’m maybe a little paranoid, but it’s no joke. It’s every athlete’s nightmare.

Opening up to media in her home country, Cirstea revealed her opinion about Serena Williams:

Serena as a player was extraordinarily good. As a person, she always had this arrogance. She didn’t accept when someone could beat her or took a title from her.

(source: via Yahoo Sport)


  1. Oh Sorana, Serena has more achievement in her little toe compared to anything you’ve ever achieved.

    For all you know, Serena could have been referencing anything in between your Grand Slam quarter final appearances. A lot of ‘8’ things can be achieved in 14 odd years.

  2. Sorana is spot on. Any real tennis fan knows Serena as one of the worst losers in tennis— historically coming up excuses for her losses and never crediting her opponent. Never mind the verbal assaults on the chair umps & linesmen/women. Her fake bubbly persona was unbearable to witness.
    The only reason she won so much was bc she had the physicality of a man. Tennis is a much better sport with her gone.

  3. It seems Serena has no humility, no generosity, and a massive ego. Sorana is spot on. And the fact that she is not as successful as Serena is irrelevant. As an elite player she is perfectly well qualified to comment.

  4. I love Serena. U will always be remembered as one of the (if not the greatest ever ) tennis player. She was going for history (only she AND djokovic knows what is feels/felt like not get there ) Do people remember what Simona said about sharapova and to someone else about not being a real nr one without a grandslam. we are all terrible people who says terrible things.

    Serena : COME ONE !!!!!!!

  5. Just a few reminders :

    -2009 : Serena threatened to shove a ball down a (female) line judge’s throat

    -2011 : Serena told a female umpire that she was “a hater” and “unattractive inside”

    -2018 : Serena told the umpire that he was “a thief” and “a liar” and told him “You will never be on another court of mine as long as you live”

    I’m sorry but that’s why Serena is not the Great Of All Time (true/real champions don’t behave that way) and Serena is an entitled bully!!!

  6. Facts and truth hurt don’t they AJ…!
    Anyway, thanks for making me laugh with your “comment”…Very nice and insightful! I love you too!

  7. Just to make things clear : I would say the same thing about a male player if a male player behaved the way Serena did. The fact that Serena is a woman has nothing to do with the fact that she abused umpires and line judges!!! Nothing misogynistic about FACTS :

    -2009 : Serena threatened to shove a ball down a FEMALE/WOMAN (!!!) line judge’s throat

    -2011 : Serena told a FEMALE/WOMAN (!!!) umpire that she was “a hater” and “unattractive inside”

    -2018 : Serena told the umpire that he was “a thief” and “a liar” and told him “You will never be on another court of mine as long as you live”

    If people stand for women and women’s rights, why didn’t/don’t they stand up for the line judge and the umpire Serena threatened and abused in 2009 and 2011? They were both WOMEN…!!! Why didn’t/don’t people stand up for María José Sánchez Martinez (A WOMAN!!!) when Serena threatened to “get her in the locker room” at the French Open in 2009? Looks like a double standard to me…!!!

    This website is about WOMEN’S tennis so people are commenting about WOMEN’S tennis and FEMALE/WOMEN players…So I don’t see anything sexist or misogynistic about the comments…!!! If this website was about men’s tennis/male players and a played behaved the way Serena did I would say the exact same thing!!!

  8. Thanks for man-splaining all that to me Frank, your misogyny is resounding.

    At the end of the day, Sorana Cirstea is backing Simona Halep, a PROVEN DRUG CHEAT and decides to have a go at someone else. No wonder she hasn’t achieved much.

  9. LOL Thanks for another great and insightful “comment” AJ…Says A LOT about you…!!! You OBVIOUSLY didn’t read my last post carefully…Or maybe you’re just too dumb to understand…
    Anyway…I’m done wasting my time arguing with you!
    Hugs and kisses…I love you too!


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