Badosa & Tsitsipas broke up?! Tennis romance takes an unexpected turn

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Love, it seems, has served its last match for tennis power couple Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas! The social media frenzy that once chronicled their fiery romance has now hit a sudden and unexpected pause, leaving fans in a spin!

Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas

Amid rumors of a possible breakup with Cuban model Juan Betancourt, Badosa dropped a bombshell, posting an intimate snapshot with Tsitsipas in June. The new tennis relationship announcement came out of the blue and the two quickly created a joint Instagram account “Tsitsidosa”, offering a front-row seat to their love story.

In a candid interview just two months ago, the ATP world No.5 Tsitsipas confessed that Badosa might just be “the one.” His words gushed with affection, praising her unparalleled understanding and unwavering support: “She is the most understanding person I have ever been around. She wants the best for me. I am so lucky that she is in my life… We laugh, we cry, we celebrate, we are more together. I hope we can create dreams, conquer them together. Because that’s something so beautiful… ”

Paula Badosa during a tennis match in Rome

But has the flame fizzled out too soon? The “Tsitsidosa” account now stands empty and both players have cleared their personal profiles of their couple pics. It seems that the love match may have hit a double fault, but the ball is still in their court to spill the details!

Just one day ago, Badosa shared snapshots from Athens, Greece, Tsitsipas’ hometown. However, conspicuously absent from the frames was Tsitsipas himself. In Badosa’s current Instagram stories, a poignant quote resonates: “This year I met the most broken version of me, but also the strongest.” Alongside this heartfelt reflection, one can find snapshots from a recent dinner date with WTA world No.1 Aryna Sabalenka.

The former world No.2 Badosa, currently ranked No.52, hasn’t been on tour since Wimbledon because of a persistent back injury and will definitely not return to competition this season. In her latest social media update, the Spaniard makes no mention of Tsitsipas, but addresses how much she misses tennis:

I’ve never missed something more than this sport. Since I’m a little girl I’ve never experienced so many months away from it. All this time off I realize that setbacks are part life and it’s a way to learn and grow. It’s really tough being away for so long but hopefully sooner than later I’m that little girl playing and enjoying it again…


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