Young tennis power couple: Anastasia Potapova and Alexander Schevchenko are married

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Even though they’re both just 22 years old, Russian tennis players Anastasia Potapova and Alexander Shevchenko swiftly moved forward with their wedding, wasting no time as they tied the knot just over two months after their engagement.

Their relationship, which began in early 2023, emerged as a powerful support system for the young athletes, catalyzing their careers to soar remarkably. Both Potapova and Shevchenko experienced a significant rise in the season just passed. Potapova surged to a career pinnacle, peaking at No.21 in the rankings and concluding the season at No.28. After starting the season outside the Top 150, Shevchenko achieved his career-high ranking of No.49.

Potapova, who won her second WTA title in Linz this year, didn’t opt for a statement wedding dress as she became Mrs. Shevchenko. Rather, she chose an elegant white suit, complemented by a sophisticated wavy ponytail styled with a side part.

Speaking about her partner, Potapova values the profound understanding they share due to both being professional tennis players themselves:

It’s really helpful to have someone who can support you, not just on your team, but someone you’re close to. He’s someone who not only knows tennis but also wants what is best for you.

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