What’s going on with Maria Sharapova’s marriage?

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Lately I’ve been thinking about how awkwardly silent Maria Sharapova has been about her marriage and I decided to give the topic attention in hope of getting some insider/wise reader input. It’s been almost two years since Masha and Sasha Vujacic got engaged and the topic of the wedding seems to be a far away subject on their minds, or they are playing such a game for the media. The question is, could they be hiding the split, postponing the worse, or they are just private and relaxed about their wedding plans?

First of all, no recent sightings of the couple have reached the media, while before, every now and then there was some story about them. Moreover, what happened to the giant engagement ring on Sharapova’s left hand? According to the sharp eye of our reader Katrin, who pitched me to dig into this issue, the ring has been missing since about the start of the summer.

That’s not the only strange thing surrounding this story.  Just days ago Sharapova said that the November Istanbul wedding was just a rumor:

That’s not true. I’m definitely not getting married in Istanbul in November. I’m surprised anyone believed that.

However, it’s suspicious that in the interview for the September 2012 issue of Hamptons magazine, Maria didn’t correct the interviewer!

Hamptons: You’re getting married to Sasha Vujacic, a Slovenian professional basketball player (who played for the Lakers and the Nets), on November 10 in Istanbul, Turkey. Do you see yourself one day becoming a mom?

Sharapova: For sure! My mother and I have a very close relationship, she had me when she was really young. I’ve missed that train, but absolutely, some day.

At the recent launch of Sugarpova, Maria’s candy brand, E! interviewed the Russian and asked her about the wedding dress and she was very vague with her answer, as if she’s not even thinking about marriage at this point. But once again, Sharapova is smart and she could just be distracting the media.

Just two days ago Sharapova reignited the fire by uttering the word “pregnant” while talking about her recent ultrasound for a stomach virus:

Because of the pain I was having. It was really weird. They told me I was fine, not pregnant. I’m like, ‘Can I get my money back?’

All in all, I suppose that everything is still fine between her and Sasha, especially because she’s mentioning the possibility of being pregnant. Their careers and schedules are very demanding, forcing them to be far apart most of the time, and I suppose we can’t expect them to progress like a regular couple.

Have you noticed the absence of the ring? Why could it be? Are we just more impatient that Maria and Sasha?


  1. Maria is a cold woman, her ex-boyfriend Adam Levine said that on an interview. Whatever, how hot is Adam Levine!!!!! I love him jajajaja

  2. If you had actually watched the press conference, Maria made it pretty clear that she knew there was no possibility that she was pregnant. I have no idea why it is being misreported as a pregnancy scare. When they told her she wasn’t pregnant, she said “Can I have my money back?” She made it clear that pregnancy wasn’t even possible.

  3. She was never going to marry Sasha anyway. Everyone has been talking about the disappearance of the engagement ring for months.

    I know the fanbois don’t like to hear it, but isn’t the evidence of her sexual orientation toward women pretty clear by now? Her relationship with Camilla Belle was the real thing. Her relationships with Ebersol and Sasha were not.

  4. I’m worried no end! Please, do keep us informed, at all times! After all, by gosh, women’s tennis depends upon it!

  5. It’s funny you wrote this post, Marija because I was wondering the same thing. It’s difficult to tell, but at her second press conference in New York, a reporter questioned her about the tips Sasha has given her to focus, and she muttered something under her breath, declined to respond and walked out. Having said that, she was ready to end the interview, so I’m not sure…perhaps things may have cooled down a little.

  6. The breakup is now official with Sasha’s announcement in Italy. It’s interesting that he decided to announce it while Maria is in the middle of a Grand Slam tournament. He must hate her guts.

  7. Whoa, I can’t believe it, Rob! Only days after I wrote this we’re getting the breaking news. Tennis fans have good gut feelings.

  8. Sharapova is smart but not sexy. Just have this friendly photo appearance. She wants a Real Man with more money than her and what Real Man with more money would want Sharapova? She’s facing a miserable life in terms of relationships and I am happy.

  9. I love maria sharapova all she needs to do is to develop a strong intuition and sharp mind reading gesture of her opponents to win the battle in tennis Courtney.

  10. In my eye, I feel Maria Sharapova is my life partner. She is my dream and part of my life. I am dire to meet her.


  11. Really I love Maria Sharapova. It is a real love and of which love is for long and long way and very very close relationship. I no need any money but only love and long from her. She is my dream girl and my heart and real pertner of my personal life.

    Dibyendu Dasgupta

  12. Hello My Dear Maria Sharapova. I love you and you please love me. I need your lovely relationship. You give me your love and I love you very much and peace.


  13. Beautiful, outstanding body measurements, arrogant and quite full of herself. Not fit to be the mother of my children. Sorry, I never said this before and I won’t repeat it.


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