L’Etoile tennis and golf clothing releases new items in October


Remember L’Etoile Sport, the new brand of luxury tennis and golf clothes inspired by chic 1920s? Now they are working on a new collection. Among their new items, in the fall they will introduce accessories such as visors that you can pair their sophisticated dresses with, while for colder days, L’Etoile has prepared long-sleeve shirts.

The new clothes, made from Brazilian breathable texture: 90% poly, 10% spandex, will be available at the end of October. Above you can see the new visor and skirt, while the grey fitted tank with insert bra with removable cups already retails at $95 at the L’Etoile Sport website.

The brand was founded by Hannah Griswold and Yesim Philip, as they went looking for chic, sophisticated apparel to wear on the tennis court, and couldn’t find exactly what they wanted, so they decided to get to work and created a high fashion, high function, luxury tennis collection. Growing up in Philadelphia, Hannah found grace and discipline in ballet, while Yesim developed bold athleticism on the basketball court as a professional player in Turkey.

Moreover, Hannah and Yesim are involved in a number of events, benefits fundraisers etc. and they recently hosted a benefit event for the Novak Djokovic Foundation at co-founder Yesim’s house at Bridgehampton. Above is the photo of Yesim with Djokovic’s girlfriend Jelena Ristic.


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