Michaella Krajicek’s boyfriend proposes after her victory at Topshelf Open


After Dutch Michaella Krajicek won her first-round match against Jana Cepelova at her home tournament of the Topshelf Open, her boyfriend Martin Emmrich stepped on the court and asked her to marry him! She said yes! Nice refreshment after the Wozniacki-McIlroy debacle.

Michaella Krajicek

According to my records, Michaella and German ATP player Martin have been dating since September 2013. Here you can read my December’s post about their relationship.

Our photographer Jimmie48 is at the Topshelf Open, capturing live action from the courts. Unfortunately, he didn’t expect a proposal to take place, so he wasn’t lucky enough to photograph the emotional moment, but he attended the press conference that followed and photographed Michaella celebrating her engagement with champagne.


  1. Liz, and plus, I didn’t know that they actually met last year at the Topshelf Open! I read it today in Michaella’s interview.

  2. It was very romantic. He wasn’t able to pop the question because of his nerves and she couldn’t stop giggling… lol. But when he got himself together he came up with a very romantic speech! 😀


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