Bastian Schweinsteiger, new athlete in Ana Ivanovic’s love life

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Ana Ivanovic is said to be dating German soccer player Bastian Schweinsteiger. The fresh sports couple is on the cover of German tabloid Bild and even though the news is still in the rumor category, we know that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

The biggest proof that we do have so far is this photo of the two holding hands while strolling the streets of New York City and the fact that Ivanovic nominated Schweinsteiger in the Ice Backet Challenge, while Schweinsteiger nominated Ivanovic’s brother Milos. It can’t be a coincidence, and they didn’t hang out before! According to Bild, the relationship has lasted several weeks now.

Ivanovic has dated a number of athletes, but the 30-year old Bayern Munich midfielder is her first venture into the world of football. The Serbian beauty put a checkmark on tennis with Fernando Verdasco, then with Adam Scott it turned out that a golfer is also not a good option, while most recently she tried her luck with a countryman and basketball player Ivan Paunic. Novak Djokovic’s rich friend Mark Stillitano was also in the mix.

When it comes to Schweinsteiger’s dating history, he used to date German model Sarah Brandner since 2007 and they lived together in Munich. As I read in Serbian tabloid paper Kurir, Sarah even supported Bastian at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. So, the breakup is quite fresh.

Not commenting on the swirl of updates about her love life, Ana has recently shared a photo of the Tokyo cityscape and just said how she’s enjoying mochi (Japanese rice cake). She’s in the city for the Tokyo Pan Pacific Open tournament which starts on September 15th.

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  1. I also read somewhere that Petko was the one who introduced them to eachother 🙂

    Can imagine that this will be quite difficult for them to have a normal relationship, because he is basically all year around busy training and playing in Munich and she is travelling around the world.

  2. Oh really, Petko! Nice!

    Katie, they must be used to such relationships. Unless they find someone who is willing to sacrifice their life to travel around with them.

  3. Schweinsteiger never issue a statement that he was no longer in a relationship !!! After 7 years, I think you need to clarify that publicly !!! It has already created a controversy that unfortunately Sarah Brandner is the victim ! It does not make Ivanovic looks good !

    Schweinsteiger should clarify is personal situation quickly or what kind of boyfriend Ana just associated herself with ?

  4. Oh no:) Ana is playing really good tennis right now and hopefully this relationship will give her a solid support; not the roller-coaster of emotions! Good luck for you both because you are great athletes

  5. I hope that everything about Ana Ivanovic is the best for her..She playing best tennis, so i hopr that her love life will better as her carrier on tennis…if the rumors/gossip about she and Schweinsteiger is right…i hope that nobody hurts with that relations…as i know that Schweinsy had Sarah B…that they had been together since 2007…it’s their own life..but i think there shoul be clarified the rumors…it’s be good for Ana, Schweinsy and Sarah…For Ana…it’s because I’m a fans of her…i hope that’s alright…i mean..nobody hurts.

  6. Peter, why should either Schweinsteiger or Ana give a statement. It’s their personal life, their personal choices, they don’t have the obligation to keep the public informed about their personal matters. Who are you, his father?


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