Nike finally releases Sharapova’s, Williams’ and Azarenka’s outfits for the 2015 Australian Open

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We’re just days away from the start of main draw action at the 2015 Australian Open and Nike has finally released the looks they prepared for their brightest stars Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka. Thank you, Mary, for informing Women’s Tennis Blog’s about this right away!

Sharapova in her Australian Open 2015 Nike dress

Sharapova will be a lady in red at the upcoming Australian Open. The highlights of the Nike Spring Maria Oz Premier Dress include the cutout at mid-back that goes all the way to the front section and the elastic mesh strap at the racerback. The dress comes with a coordinating print ball shortie.


Maria Sharapova Australian Open 2015 Nike dress - frontMaria Sharapova Australian Open 2015 Nike dress - back

At first glance, I didn’t like the too wide cutout at all, but I knew that I had to give the dress a chance and that it could easily grow on me. Then I saw the photo of Masha in the dress and I already liked it ten times better. I’m sure the dress will stand out at the Australian Open and overall I’m giving Nike thumbs up for this one!

Serena Williams in her 2015 Australian Open Nike dress

Serena Williams’ new dress is finally an absolute departure from the so-many-times-recycled V-neck, waist-defining, color-block styles (have a look at her 2013 and 2014 outfits to see what I’m talking about). The 2015 Nike Spring Slam Tunic is a loose, casual design, resembling beachwear, and it’s a big refreshment. Excellent experiment and change, Serena looks stunning!


Serena Williams Australian Open 2015 Nike dress - frontSerena Williams Australian Open 2015 Nike dress - back

The dress, that comes in lime as well as in black, is characterized by thin spaghetti straps and a cut that gives you the option to show off a statement sports bra (in Serena’s case, it is definitely a Berlei bra!). Unlike Sharapova’s dress, Williams’ tunic does not include the shorts, but you can buy one separately and choose from a variety of Nike Spring Slam Printed Shorties.

Victoria Azarenka Australian Open 2015 Nike outfit

Victoria Azarenka, as well as Sara Errani and Sabine Lisicki, will wear the Nike Advantage Printed Tank and Nike Victory Printed Skirt. According to this promo pic, the unseeded Vika will try to win her third Australian Open title in the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour shoes.

Victoria Azarenka Australian Open 2015 kit

Besides lime, the thank is also available in orange and pink, while the pleated skirt exists in those three colors and in black as well.

What do you think of Nike’s Australian Open offer? I like it overall and my favorite from the collection is Serena’s tunic. All the items, as well as the rest of the collection, are available at Tennis Warehouse and Tennis Warehouse Europe.


  1. I like the colour of Serena’s dress: it looks very refreshing under the australian sun!
    I have many doubts about Maria’s dress: that red tone is nothing special, the pink stripe reminds me of an Adidas outfit worn by Kerber and on top of that, I am afraid that this dress is not so comfortable to play tennis! Anyway, Maria is so beautiful and fit that she can wear anything and look good in it!

  2. Sabey, I agree, these designs are the biggest refreshment in a while.

    Mary, I’m very positive about Maria’s dress. I’m kind of sure it will turn out to be an excellent choice. Serena’s dress is adorable. I like that it is loose. Serena’s past designs were very figure flattering, but this one is more casual and it is a nice change.

  3. Emman Damian, well we can easily check that in my fashion retrospections 🙂

    No, definitely not, Maria’s 2007 US Open dress was super glamorous, actually one of my Top 3 Sharapova’s dresses ever! This new AO dress is very sporty, not on the elegant side at all.

    If you remember, I included the 2007 US Open dress in my article entitled “Sharapova’s most glamorous Nike outfits ever”:

  4. Refreshing designs from Nike this time. I’m sure that the players will feel “refreshed” on these dresses. For Maria, I think it’s a big fashion risk but I like it. Not really a fan of the color though. I think it will look pretty in US Open. I think she had the same (almost) with her 2007 US Open dress if I’m not mistaken. But with this dress, she’ll definitely be in the best dressed again.

  5. Emman Damian, Maria has day and night dresses only at the US Open, at other Grand Slams she wears just one dress. Although, unlike at other tournaments, she has elegant accessories such as glamorous suits and stuff.

  6. I don’t think Serena’s dress will be loose. If you take a close look at serena’s outfit of 2013 it seemed loose too ( especially on E. Dementieva ) But when SW wears it is all flattering. We’ll see…

  7. Forehand11, you could be right. It looks loose on the model, but it looks less loose on Serena in the new Nike ads, although it isn’t waist-defining as her previous dresses.

  8. Oh My Gosh!

    Serena is wearing another ‘green-type’ coloured dress. I still remember what she said on her interview after her lost from Garbine Muguruza in French Open 2014 that she won’t wear green dress anymore.

    As she is quite a superstitious person, this could be another interesting journey to watch.

  9. Ferondi_82, I don’t think Serena needs superstition. She looks great in vibrant colors and this lime dress will look amazing on her. As Bojana Jovanovski said: “No superstition is stronger than self-confidence.”

  10. Well if Serena wants to be superstitious, ( i don’t think she is ) she’ll be happy to play in green outfit. She won the AO 07 in green dress and the AO 05 in a lime/white outfit by Nike. So…

  11. Hi Marija and forehand11

    Q. There is no difference between today and Razzano, that day? Do you see any comparison?
    SERENA WILLIAMS: I’m never wearing green in Paris again. Ever (smiling).

    That is part of her interview transcript back when she lost to Garbine in French Open 2014. I know that she said she would never wear green again in Paris but then again this is another part of her interview back in 20 January 2009 after one of her Australian open matches:

    Q. Are you superstitious at all? Do you think there’s anything to the odd‑year theory of you winning here?

    SERENA WILLIAMS: I am superstitious. But is there anything to the odd theory? No. One year I wasn’t able to come back and defend my title. One year I went crazy. A couple years I went completely crazy. So hopefully I’ll be able to stay focused this year.

    So i guess, pound for pound, that is why I came up with this theory. 🙂

  12. I just watched Maria’s match. The dress that she is wearing, is very different (and much better) than that of the pictures. The cutout is much smaller and has an oval shape. I have the impression that Maria does not like what Nike designs for her and asks for special adjustments. And it is not the first time!

  13. Ferondi_82, she was obviously joking about the green dress. Plus this new dress is not really green, at first glance it’s yellow, at least that’s how I see it 🙂 Thanks for explaining the background of your reasoning 🙂

    Mary, yeah, the cutout is so small, it’s not visible from the front at all! It’s a completely different look than this one. The square cutout is the highlight of this dress and Maria reduced it to be just a small opening in the back. You’re right, it’s not the first time that she tweaks the design.

  14. Well that dress is not loose on Serena Williams at all. The outfit of today is a different outfit.
    You all need to explain how it works with clothes she looks slimmer with this outfit than how she looked with the previous one, all toned and stuff, with her boobies on fleek ( lucky me)

    Another thing, how old is she ? That’s a 20-something kind of outfit, but boy is she rocking that well…, love her body

  15. Forehand11, Nike is again messing up with us. Maria considerably reduced her back cutout, while Serena introduced a large one! Indeed, it looks as a completely different dress, just the color and those small slices on the hem are the same. The spaghetti straps also stayed, but the feel of the dress is entirely changed with the cutout spreading all the way to Serena’s abs.

    About her age, she’s 33.

  16. I know her age i was just joking about the fact that she was wear that kind of outfit. The dress’ cutout actually reminded me of Venuses dresses by reebook back in the day. She used to rock them.

    Serena actually had to explain her outfit at the end of the game, did you hear it ?

  17. Forehand11, “This year the inspiration is the back: strength & power. You’ll be seeing my back all year!”

    Back designs started to dominate in 2014 and the trend will apparently continue in 2015, although it is becoming more bold, especially in Serena’s case.

  18. Forehand11, it definitely looks powerful on Serena. Even the WTA posted a Twitter reaction post about her outfit: [link expired]

  19. Maria is just cute in anything But Serena needs better designed clothes. No one wants to see all she has. Cover her up Nike! Victoria can use some femininity.


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