Sumyk on parting ways with Azarenka: “I hate comfort.”

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The split of Victoria Azarenka and Sam Sumyk shook the tennis headlines and the coach’s swift joining of Eugenie Bouchard’s camp made everyone wonder what the cause of the parting was. According to the latest reports, Sumyk simply needed more challenges, while Azarenka was just left sad, not disappointed or anything.

Here’s how Sumyk explained the situation to the NY Times:

My decision to leave Azarenka for Bouchard was not due to money matters. My contract with Vika was good. I’m always looking for challenges. I hate comfort. When I am in a comfortable situation, it is the end of growth for me as a coach and person. I want to be the best coach. It’s never the right time for a separation between coach and player. Our relationship was more than that of a normal relationship between coach and tennis player. Vika can improve with a new person by her side.

And Azarenka described her feelings after ending the five-year relationship which helped her win two Grand Slam titles:

I will never forget what we have achieved together. I will always be grateful, but yes, it was a bit surprising for me. It was sad, nothing else. I have no anger in me. The separation didn’t end in a bad way. Then, I chose (Wim) Fissette.

Again, the Belarusian explained that her ambiguous tweet after Bouchard’s defeat to Mona Barthel in the Canadian’s first match since starting working with Sumyk was not the celebration of her colleague’s loss, but simply her comment on the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”. (source: Tennis World USA, photo: Jimmie48)


  1. Emman Damian, I still don’t know why she would make such a comment on that movie, but OK, we won’t go further into this.

  2. Well the tweet is at least explained now from Vika herself but I think the timing was really bad. Girls have a lot of drama in the WTA tour which keeps the competition more spicy and juicy.

  3. It’s just selfish of sumyk to leave Vika there while obviously she didnt know in advance. Vika treated Him like family and look what happened. Ditched her quickly and moved over immediately. Why had he not discuss much earlier and plan in advance for the parting? Why shocked her the day she lost? Why so quickly and not given her time to fine replacement? Timeline is fishy too. I would think he struck the agreement earlier with genie and knew he has to go after AO

  4. You have to understand his decisions. Players have rights to leave coaches at anytime so coaches too. There are a lot of factors influencing the decision and pure coaching is only of them

  5. I think Vika will do just fine with Fissette. I also think she is a better player than Genie and hope that she can stay healthy and have a great year.

  6. Jo shum, we don’t know the whole story, but what you’re saying does make sense. Although, the most important things in their partnerships must have been defined by the contract and if he didn’t break the contract, and apparently he didn’t, then it’s ok. I’m sure the contract set out the period which one had to end the partnership and I suppose he respected that.


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