Vika’s Nike kit for Roland Garros 2015


Yesterday I showed you the tennis fashion queen Maria Sharapova’s Nike apparel for the upcoming French Open, and while the big sports fashion brand is still silent about what world number one Serena Williams will wear at the claycourt Grand Slam, let’s see the outfit Victoria Azarenka has ready for her return to the tournament she had to skip last year due to injury.

Azarenka - Nike for French Open 2015 1

The Belarusian will take the court in the Nike Advantage Dri-FIT Cool Tank, featuring a scoop neck, racerback and stripes. Pictured here is the fuchsia glow version of the tank with hot lava stripes, while a reverse color combination is also available, as well as the white with dove grey one. The technology of the fabric helps keep the player’s body cool.

Azarenka Nike Women's Summer Advantage Cool Tank - frontAzarenka Nike Women's Summer Advantage Cool Tank - back

Vika will pair the tank with the Nike Victory Printed Skirt, which features perforated pleats and also exists in three variants: the below shown bold berry and daring red, while there is also a white and grey one.

Nike Victory Printed Skirt - Azarenka - bold berry Nike Victory Printed Skirt - Azarenka

Shoes: Nike Zoom Cage 2.

Zoom Cage 2 - Azarenka's shoes for Roland Garros 2015

Have a look at what other major brands have prepared for Roland Garros 2015:


  1. Nike needs to bring back the shorts for Vika! They were the best look she has ever had with them – some of the stuff they have put her in is appalling. I wouldn’t call this appalling but for one of their top, most recognisable tennis players I think they could do a lot better.

    Sabey I agree with you.

  2. Not all players can be on the glamorous side, we also have to have ordinary looks on offer. But I agree about the shorts, that’s Vika and she was recognized for her shorts.

  3. shorts we awful not tennis outfit. looked like training outfits. she should never do ugly shorts again.

  4. Marija: Being no fan of Azarenka, I still find your way of dismissing some of the players’ looks as “ordinary” or “absent” quite amazing. Of course, this is your blog, but do you really presume that everybody shares your opinion? You see, taste is different – in my eyes, neither Ivanovic, nor JJ look stunning – not the way for example Caroline W does, and although MaSha has a model’s body type (too tall, some would say), her face is – using your words – ordinary, or plain. But I do not expect everybody to agree! However, this outfit is quite ugly, I cannot see it would suit anyone.

  5. I say bring back the shorts -they were totally Vika!
    I also think we give too much credit to the players for what they are wearing. With the exception of those who actually design their outfits (Venus, Serena and possibly Maria) most of them just have to wear what they are given.

  6. I agree. Shorts really did well for Vika. It could have been a cute outfit if she paired it with white shorts. That’s a signature look for Vika.

  7. Claire, I don’t remember calling anyone’s look “absent”, but ok. I don’t presume that everybody shares my opinion, and below every post you can read all sorts of opinions. However, the characteristic of my blog has luckily generally been that we just complement each other’s opinions and understand the different perspectives. I think Ana looks stunning, Maria and JJ look great, while Vika’s look is sporty and simply and frankly I can’t imagine anyone could consider it ugly. Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion.


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