Agnieszka Radwanska to shine bright like a diamond in her new Lotto dress for the 2015 French Open


These days we’re all about the unveiling of outfits for the 2015 French Open and, having already seen the Adidas Y-3 clothes for Ana Ivanovic, the yellows of Stella McCartney for Caro Wozniacki, Fila’s Goddess collection for JJ and Goerges and the Spirit collection for Vera Zvonareva, as well as the always-refreshing Venus Williams’ EleVen, now I’m glad to show you what Lotto‘s top representative Agnieszka Radwanska will wear at the biggest claycourt tournament. The item is called the Lotto Lux Dress Diamond and it’s as silver as silver can be. A very unusual choice for the red clay surroundings!

So now we have it confirmed that after all the Lotto Keylee Line I presented at the end of April is not what Radwanska will wear at Roland Garros.

Lotto Women's Lux Diamond Dress - French Open 2015 - Agnieszka RadwanskaLotto Women's Lux Diamond Dress - French Open 2015 - Agnieszka Radwanska - back

The dress is totally disco! When you look closely at the fabric, it shines like a disco ball! After the black lace dress, this is another daring move by Lotto. And even though I’m not sure how much I actually like the dress, I’m a huge supporter of unsafe fashion choices.

Lotto Women's Lux Diamond Tank - Agnieszka RadwanskaLotto Women's Lux Diamond Skirt - Agnieszka Radwanska

The Lotto Lux collection also features this Lotto Lux Tank Diamond and the coordinating skirt.

What do you think? I assume this is one of those either-hate-it-or-love-it collections.

Make sure to check back tomorrow, as the market leader Nike is about to officially launch its 2015 French Open designs!


  1. It’s awful! And it doesn’t get better when I try to imagine how it will look like on the sunny day.
    Aga will probably pull this of somehow, but Carla… oh dear.

  2. This dress, in a sense, reminds me a bit of the dresses we used to see on Bethanie Mattek-Sands or Aravane Rezai. While it certainly is unexpected coming from Lotto, I am excited to see it on Aga!

  3. Oh my…!!! Shiny!!( I may have to buy new sun glasses to see her matches now) will she give us dance performance after her matches :P. I think this might look good on red clay but I wonder how many complaints chair umpires will receive during matches regarding this outfit 😀 So lotto is really serious about going extreme huh..? from really dull outfits to these I wonder how their next outfits are going to be (I also want their male representatives to wear similar shirts that’d be fun 😀 ).
    p.s I think carla looked really good in lace dresses ( both black and green ) + her confidence seems to grow with improvement in her dresses

  4. Sru, hahaha yeah sunglasses! But really, I think that dress will make some serious sun reflections. I agree, Lotto is unbelievable, from dull to extreme, no middle ground haha. Maybe they have two clans of designers! 😀

  5. I agree with you Sabey. I may be dating myself but methinks Aga will look like the tin man fron The Wizard of Oz.

  6. Sabey, hahaha you’re hilarious “fry her opponents”, “health hazard” hahaha. I should do an article about what readers have called this dress! 😀

  7. Emman Damian, that thought crossed my mind as well, that this dress would be perfect for the US Open, especially night matches. Navy, red, yellow and similar tones suit RG, in my opinion.

  8. I’m with Sabey. I think if I were a daytime opponent I might even go so far as to register a protest.

    Whew. Blinding.


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