Tennis fashion corner: Ana Ivanovic and Adidas Adizero throughout 2015


Adidas Adizero is my favorite line in women’s tennis fashion, so I’m pleased to show you all their dresses that Ana Ivanovic wore during the 2015 season, as part of my annual Fashion Retrospections.

Ana Ivanovic - Brisbane Tennis International 2015 -DSC_8084

Like most players, Ivanovic kicked off 2015 in her last season’s fall dress, the black item with a tonal glossy print application at neckline and sides that the Serb introduced at the 2014 US Open.

Ana Ivanovic - Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships 2015 -DSC_6298

Tennis apparel companies wait for the Australian Open to launch their first masterpieces for new season and Adidas impressed with this purple dress that offers a comfortable sporty design. The Adidas Spring Adizero Dress contributes to top performance through the ultra light fabric and sheer mesh insert on back that is not only functional in terms of breathability, but is also a lovely fashionable element, allowing the orange sports bra to give an always-welcome pop of color. The perfectly-matching wristbands were an excellent accessory.

This dress deservingly got a lot of attention, as following Melbourne, Ivanovic wore it in Dubai, Monterrey, Indian Wells, Miami, Stuttgart, Madrid and Rome.

Ana Ivanovic - French Open 2015

At the French Open we had something special — Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto joined the Adidas tennis team, bringing exotic spices to the Paris tennis fashion by mixing the powerful blacks with a unique, handpainted floral print. Incorporated in Ivanovic’s visor, shoes and as part of her dress in the shorts, the flowers bring artsy and sophisticated elements, while paired with the mysterious blacks the complete outfit is futuristic and avant-garde. On top of everything, Adidas’ signature three stripes further enhance the design.

The Adidas Roland Garros Y-3 On-Court Dress also exists in white and that version is even bolder.

Ana Ivanovic - AEGON Classic 2015 -DSC_7452

In Birmingham we saw in action the Adidas Summer Adizero Tank and the Adidas Summer Adizero Skirt, the light flash red version of the spring look. Another amazing color combination! The bra and shorts are green here, as well as the wristbands.

Embed from Getty Images

At first glance Ivanovic’s Adidas Fall All Premium Dress for Wimbledon was basic, but when you look closer you can notice engineered stripes that provide dimension. Moreover, the popular spaghetti straps are placed at two levels.

Ana Ivanovic - 2015 Rogers Cup -DSC_6919

In Toronto, Ivanovic launched the Adidas Fall Adizero Dress that mixes frozen yellow and midnight indigo in the handprinted pattern that makes each item at least slightly different. The shoes that complete the look are these yellow Adidas Adizero Ubersonics.

Ana Ivanovic tennis shoes

The 16th-ranked WTA player wore this style all the way till the end of the season, including at the US Open, where she showcased the version of the dress that combines maroon and solar red.

Ana Ivanovic - 2015 Toray Pan Pacific Open -DSC_6904

To match the red version of the dress, we have these red Adidas Adizero Ubersonic shoes.

Ana Ivanovic red Adidas Adizero Ubersonic shoes

What do you think about Ana Ivanovic’s 2015 Adidas Adizero clothes? Without a doubt my favorite is the spring collection, as well as its twin, the summer collection.


  1. Every single one of this looks is just great. What a fantastic year for Ana’s style. I hope we can say the same thing next year, not only about her great looks, but also about her tennis form! Thank you for such a great Fashion Retrospection, Marija!!

  2. Overall, this year wasn’t as good as last year. In my opinion the post Wimbledon hand print dress was tacky. The 2016 print looks bad as well

  3. Ana’s dresses this year are all superb! No doubt Adidas stepped up in launching the Y-3 collection in French Open. It’s my favorite dress! I actually like the Summer dress because of the refreshing color. The Spring dress also rocked the Australian hardcourts. I’ll give it a 9.5 out of 10 for this year. Few designs yet all of them are great. No single miss. Every dress has its own story to tell. I also love how they use color combinations this year. Also, Adidas loves innovation and this year they risked using handprinted patterns which are a big plus for me. Ana looks stunning in every pictures. No doubt, they edge Nike again this year. Hoping that 2016 will be a gorgeous year for Adidas again.

  4. I agree that adidas adizero spring/summer collection looks beautiful, but because i did not see dress with short sleeves in 2015 season my vote goes Y-3 dress.
    Wimbledon dress looks classic and beautiful.
    I think the blue and yellow combination is better than maroon and solar red.

  5. My all time favourite will be Y-3 dress. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any photos Ana wearing the black jacket. If you have one, please share with me.

  6. Brian, thank you for your support!

    Emman Damian, I’ve been doing these overviews for years and Adizero has always been my favorite. Yes, they never have many designs, but overall they have the largest percentage of hits.

    Roberto, I can say that the printed dress is my least favorite of all this year’s Adizero designs.

    Kueyseyra, sorry, I also don’t have any pic.

    Saudin, haha oh well, maybe it will look good on Ana. I can say that I like how the print looks on Simona, the blue version.


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