Serena Williams announces engagement!!!


Shocks just keep coming! I never put three exclamation marks in titles, but this time I had to! ūüôā Just as I thought we‚Äôll finalize this crazy 2016 with the news of Ana Ivanovic‚Äôs retirement, which came just days after Victoria Azarenka gave birth and Petra Kvitova got stabbed, Serena Williams announces engagement to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. This is the most turbulent end of a year in tennis history, isn‚Äôt it?

The news of Williams’ engagement comes as a surprise to me! I did read back in October 2015 that Serena and Alexis were dating, and I shared the news with you. However, in the meantime we haven’t had much talk about Serena and Alexis, photos of them together, etc. So hearing that they’re engaged now is yet another shock in this unbelievable 2016. It seems like all the WTA players are getting married, having kids, and retiring!


I like it that Serena chose Reddit to break the news! The 35-year-old shared this drawing and accompanied it with the following poem:

I came home
A little late
Someone had a bag packed for me
And a carriage awaited
Destination: Rome
To escort me to my very own ‚Äúcharming‚ÄĚ
Back to where our stars first collided
And now it was full circle
At the same table we first met by chance
This time he made it not by chance
But by choice
Down on one knee
He said 4 words

My WTA Players and their Love Partners page is exploding this year! ūüôā Congratulations, Serena!


  1. Congratulations to Serena..I think this means she is planning for retirement, so this may be her last year to play. At 35 she probably is wanting to start a family. Yes, Marija the end of 2016 has been kind of crazy!!!

  2. Sooooooo happy!!!!

    This is great news. I honestly thought she was involved with Patrick…? Maybe they tried to it but found it to be more of a timing thing, with him fresh off the divorce and all? Plus, everyone remember what Masha said about Serena and Patrick? Priceless and one of the funniest observations form an athlete I’ve ever heard.

  3. Sigrid, Serena was never really open about her relationships, so all we had were speculations. As for Patrick, they sure did date, but I don’t know for how long.


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