Serena Williams takes her baby bump to the red carpet for the first time

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We first learned about Serena Williams‘ pregnancy when she accidentally shared her 20-week belly bump on Snapchat two weeks ago, while on Monday night the unstoppable champion proudly exposed her new body alongside her happy future husband Alexis Ohanian at the Met Gala in New York.

Look how proudly Alexis stands next to Serena! Well, how wouldn’t he — his woman returned to the No.1 WTA ranking while being well into her pregnancy!

The American wore a stunning green Versace gown and perfectly accessorized with XIV Karats emerald and diamond earrings.

Besides sharing these red carpet photos on Instagram, Serena also gave us a glimpse behind the scenes, as well as this short video which shows us just how joyful and comfortable she felt in the Versace dress.


  1. That toned, muscular back is simply gorgeous! “You took your baby bump down the red carpet for the first time, now hurry up and take it straight down the aisle in a wedding ceremony, Miss Serena Williams! What’s the holdup, oh pregnant one?”


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