Maria Sharapova’s Nike dress for Australian Open 2018


Off-season is known for being the time of Fashion Retrospections here on Women’s Tennis Blog, but since the first Grand Slam of the 2018 season will start before we know it, it’s also the period of showing new designs and the first one that I’ve come across is Maria Sharapova‘s Nike Spring Maria Dress for the Australian Open.

Masha’s Nike look for the 2018 Australian Open

This is not 100% confirmed yet, but the apparel above is most probably dedicated to Sharapova’s Melbourne campaign.

The dress combines black and pale pink, reminding us of the colors of her spectacular crystal-studded US Open 2017 dresses. The 2018 Australian Open design nurtures clean lines, with the body-hugging top resembling a swimsuit (the style we’re used to getting from Stella McCartney). The dress is all about colorblocks. Dark sleeves contrasting the light bodice make the dress appear sleeveless at first glance, while the contrasting zig-zag waist defines feminine curves. Striped trims at sleeves are nice accents that complete the colorblock story of the dress.

Sharapova’s last year’s Australian Open dress that never saw the light of the day because of the Russian’s drug ban

In 2017 Maria was forced to skip the Australian Open, but she did have a dress ready for the tournament and its arctic orange and hyper orange version does look a bit similar to the 2018 design, doesn’t it?

What’s your first impression of the new dress? Until you see it on Maria and give your final verdict, enjoy my overview of all the five-time Grand Slam champion’s amazing 2017 outfits.


  1. Francisco, I’m curious to see what the back of the dress looks like, whether they included mesh or cutouts for better ventilation in hot Australian weather. I can see there’s a zipper, but I doubt the back is totally closed.

  2. SharapovaFun, my reader Sru informed me about this dress, but my reader Ian later showed me that TennIs Spree FB page posted the image probably first.

  3. I thought it was white and grey? Cause Roger and Rafa are wearing white/grey combo, i figured all Nike players always wear similar colors per season…

  4. Ian, this doesn’t look pale pink to you? 😛 The socks in the photo are white, but the shoes and the dress are obviously darker. What I called black could be dark grey.

  5. Would be so hot! I do like the dress tho, but i’m surprised this would be an Aus open dress, Australian summer is so hot!

  6. I think the 2017 AO dress was much more suitable for Masha. She can pull off the sleeves for 2018 campaign but not really fond of that design. Let’s see how it will look on her.


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