Revamp your tennis game with tips from Venus Williams: Master the serve, handle disappointment, and more


Venus Williams

Venus Williams has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to tennis, and her recent Q&A on EleVen‘s Instagram provided some great insights and advice for players looking to improve their game. From finding the perfect racquet to dealing with moonballs, improving cardio, and handling disappointment, Venus shared her tips and tricks with her fans.

Best tips for serving:

Venus acknowledged that the serve is the most difficult shot, which is why she made a video to provide her fans with the best tips for serving. The five-time Wimbledon champion advised players to keep their back foot parallel to their front foot while serving, to ensure that their shoulders don’t open up causing them to lose control.

One fan asked where they should recover to after hitting a serve on deuce and the ad side. In response, Venus explained that time only allows players to recover mostly to the side they served from. However, she advised players to be alert and react to the ball based on where they served.

How to deal with moonballs:

Another question that Venus Williams received was about how to deal with moonballs. The American’s advice was to take them out of the air and completely destroy the opponent’s comfort zone. By doing this, players can gain the upper hand and gain more control over the game.

How to improve cardio:

Add a little more each week, Venus advises. Start adding five minutes each week. For example, if you start week one running ten minutes, by week four you should be able to complete 25 minutes.

How to handle disappointment:

Not everything is meant to be, says Venus, and we should accept it. If you worked hard to achieve something, but you failed, don’t dwell on the disappointment, just focus on the things that are meant for you.

How to find a perfect racquet:

This depends on your level and game style, so it’s something you should figure out for yourself. You should not buy a racquet that your friend uses, or a tennis star that you admire, you should pick a racquet that suits your game.

Venus chooses racquets that give her control and power. Recently she made a switch from Wilson Blade 104 to Wilson Pro Staff and then back to Wilson Blade 104 but customized with her sister Serena’s specs.

How to slide on clay:

While admitting that she is not an expert, Venus offered some quick tips on how to slide effectively on clay. She suggested that players should aim to slide into the ball and not after it, keeping the weight on the sliding foot for better balance and control. Venus also advised players to slide only when necessary.

How to respond at the net:

Asked how to know whether to let the ball bounce or hit it directly when at the net, Venus gave a simple and straightforward response, stating that players should never let the ball bounce when at the net. By hitting the ball directly, players can take control of the point and put pressure on their opponent. Letting the ball bounce at the net can give the opponent more time to react and possibly hit a better shot.

Which of these tips was most valuable to you? Which piece of advice will you implement in your tennis game?


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