Ana prefers Serbian men, cultural differences can be tricky


Ana Ivanovic in Serbian Hello magazine

Yesterday at a beauty salon I came across an interview with Ana Ivanovic in the latest issue of Serbian Hello magazine. The tennis beauty is gracing the cover and talking about how much fun she had during the recent Necker Cup at Richard Branson’s private island, besides, of course, touching the subject of her love life, which has recently seen a breakup of a short-lived romance with Serbian basketball player Ivan Paunic. Here are some quotes from the interview (my translation).

Q: Which traits should a man have to win your heart, and what do you find repelling?

I like men who behave respectfully towards women, who are ambitious and have a sense of humor. I am not attracted to men who strive to be in the center of attention.

Q: Are you imagining a small and intimate or a big wedding?

I am still not thinking about what kind of wedding I would like to have. Currently I am not in a relationship and I am far from thinking about such things. In general, I believe that an intimate wedding is something special, but if you have a lot of friends and close people, you probably wish to share that moment with everyone.

Q: Would you like your future husband to be your compatriot and do you find it difficult to adapt to a different culture?

I am Serbian and it is absolutely logical for me to meet someone from Serbia and for that person to potentially be the one. It is not easy to achieve complete understanding with someone who belongs to a different culture and has a different mentality. However, it is impossible to make plans when it comes to finding the right person.

Maybe Ivanovic has for now given up on foreigners after unsuccessful relationships with Fernando Verdasco, Adam Scott and Mark Stillitano.

During the interview Ivanovic also pointed out that career is currently her priority!



  1. I can understand what she means by cultural differences. I have been in a relationship with a woman from Romania for 4 years now and we are making it work. Cultural differences can add to the mix of why some couples were and some don’t, but cultural differences are more than just being from different countries. As an example, I live in Minnesota, USA, I have cultural differences than some from North Dakota, USA which is the next state over. Couples have to work at making the relationship work.

  2. P!nky, in Ana’s case, since she’s highly accomplished world woman, she would have a real hard time finding a suitable Serbian man, who could be a good match for her, I believe. I think that she has more changes of finding the right guy on the international market., but it’s hard anyway 🙂


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