Maria’s and Serena’s gear for Australian Open 2014


Speculations have been swirling around for days that these are the dresses Nike’s headliners Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams will wear at the 2014 Australian Open. We still don’t have a definite confirmation, so we’ll take it with a grain of salt, but here are the previews of designs we’re expecting the champions to wear in Melbourne.

Maria Sharapova's AO2014 dress

Sharapova is introducing shorts? Very unexpected choice for the Russian. It would be a much more natural option for Vika Azarenka. By the way, the outfit is sooo similar to Serena’s Australian Open 2008, when she paired long purple shorts with white dress.

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed that Maria will wear the above outfit and now you can already buy it at Tennis Warehouse.

Serena's AO2014 dress 2 Serena's AO2014 dress

In the above photos are Nike dresses intended for Serena. The cut is absolutely similar to what we’re used to seeing the American in: V-necks, thick straps and feminine skirts. My overview of her 2013 Nike dresses proves that. We’re all hoping that the black version of the dress is reserved for night matches or for later in the season, otherwise, Serena might melt away her famous curves. Serena’s dresses are also available at Tennis Warehouse.

Thank you, Tennis BG, for sending me the images! 😉

Reminder: Waiting for the 2014 Australian Open, let’s remind ourselves of fashion at the Grand Slam in previous seasons: 2013, 2012 and 2011.


  1. Those dresses would look great on Serena. Her body is so curvy and sexy. They wouldn’t work on a flat bodied girl.

  2. Okaay… What is this? Maria’s outfit looks so unflattering, especially the shorts (what’s with the strips?). It looks like something she would wear during her practice, not on GS. Serena’s is boring and I’m not a big fan of those colors, but at least she will look decent.

  3. I have seen the Sharapova look last year. Eugenie Bouchard wore something like it at the USOpen and also Jamie Hampton has worn it. They are not loose shorts but seem more like compression shorts that will stay down. Maybe some women are tired of their other under-dress apparel scrunching up showing their bottoms and people looking up their dresses. Tennis should move on beyond fashion and maybe the women’s game will be taken more seriously.

  4. Disappointed by both looks. Particularly for Serena… a repeat of the horrible USOpen dress design that was a) not flattering, and b) not conducive to tennis. Watching both the semis and the final from the stands, you could tell she hated it too!

  5. Sharapova outfit is the ugliest outfit i have ever seen,she need to consult Serena when it comes to fashion. Serena will shine with her outfit,Vika outfit is better than the outfit she had in the Us open. Serena will win Australia Open.

  6. Am so disappointed with Maria Sharapova’s outfit,u can’t be serious this is what she will ware in Australia Open,i think Serena will look great in her outfit.

  7. The problem with Sharapova she doesnt look great on court,Venus Serena and JJ ARE THE BEST WHEN IT COMES TO FASHION EVEN ON COURT.

  8. Serena Williams wOULD look good in a short not Sharapova,this outfit does not fit her at all. Dress or shirt would be better for Sharapova.


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