A close look at Ana Ivanovic’s 2015 Australian Open dress and the rest of Adidas Adizero spring clothes


No room for speculation any more, this will be Ana ivanovic‘s Adidas dress at the 2015 Australian Open. We have practically known it since the second half of November owing to this sneak peek, but now that the promo photos are released everything is 100% confirmed. Let’s have a detailed look at Ivanovic’s outfit now that all its components are available at retail.

Ana Ivanovic - Australian Open 2015 Adidas dress

As all of you know, overall Adidas has consistently been my favorite tennis apparel brand and this dress, officially called the Adidas Spring Adizero Dress, is stunning, a perfect embodiment of Adidas’ best qualities that include an excellent choice of color, sporty yet interesting and innovative design with just enough visual interest to keep the outfit modern and appealing without making it too busy, and of course high-performance cut and fabric technology, all nicely blended into a single item.

Ana Ivanovic - Australian Open 2015 Adidas dress - frontAna Ivanovic - Australian Open 2015 Adidas dress - back

I really like this purplish blue color and Adidas has always wonderfully executed these see-through inserts that are sometimes highlighted by a vivid print, like in the case of Ana’s 2013 US Open dress or this 2014 Roland Garros beauty, or sometimes the trick is in the cute shape of the mesh, like in Ana’s 2013 Wimbledon dress, while the 2015 three-piece design has the orange bra and shorts as layered pop of color.

The Australian Open Plexicushion surface will be in perfect harmony with Ivanovic’s Adidas Adizero CC Tempaia III shoes. The Serb will complete her Melbourne look with matching accessories: the blue and orange wristbands and the collection’s Climalite visor.

Ivanovic - Adizero tank 2015 Adidas Ivanovic - Adizero tank 2015 Adidas - back

For those who prefer separates the 2015 Adidas Adizero Spring Group offers the Adidas Spring Adizero Tank that, just like the dress, features striped elastic straps, or an option of short sleeves in the Adidas Spring Adizero Top with mesh insets on sides and zigzag stitching at the neckline and bottom hem.

Adidas Adizero short sleve top 2015

For those not having the pleasure of enjoying the hot sunny days in January, there is this Adidas Spring Adizero 3/4 Sleeve Top, while everything is paired with the lightweight skirt featuring striped elastic waistband.

The US tennis fans can find these items at Tennis Warehouse, while Tennis Warehouse Europe keeps us Europeans supplied.

Check out other collections for the start of the 2015 season below:


  1. Great analysis! The tank also comes in white, which I hope someone wears! 🙂
    That dress is available in red and green on tennis express, so I bet that’s what will be worn leading up to the French open

  2. Ga, thank you! 🙂 Now that you mention the red and green version of the dress, maybe these shoes will go with it? [link expired] What do you think?

  3. Marija, interesting, from the pictures, those shoes almost look like the nike color palettes!
    I love it when Ana gets her own dress at the French open, the 2013 one is my favorite 🙂

  4. I saw the red version of the dress. I think she’ll wear it at Indian Wells and Miami since she has an exclusive dress for French Open. I have a picture of the red dress, I’ll tweet it to you later.


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