Petra Kvitova has a new boyfriend, and his name is Radek!

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You can have a sigh of relief, no, it’s not Radek Stepanek! Petra Kvitova has a new beau, a 26-year-old Czech hokey player Radek Meidl.

Hours ago Petra shared this photo on Instagram, saying:

Early dinner with my boy ūüôā Leaving for Dubai on Friday!

I’ve learned about these love birds only now, although they have apparently been dating since fall 2014. This is Petra’s tweet from October last year:

Petra Kvitova reveals new boyfriend Radek

The couple has also frequented public events together. Radek accompanied Petra at the Czech Athlete Awards ceremony where she was named Sportsperson of the Year for the second time in her career.

This relationship probably started about six months after Petra’s break up with Radek Stepanek in April 2014.

Czech readers, please contribute in the comments if you have any more info about Radek Meidl.

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  1. So, I am czech reader, but I dont know something special…;)
    but, you say: ‚ÄúThis relationship probably started about six months after Petra‚Äôs break up with Radek Stepanek in April 2014. -‚Äú‚Ķ‚Ķ.-that¬īs not true. yes, she break with stepanek ina april 14, but she started date with Radek Meidl in June 14 and he was her BF during Wimbledon already. ūüôā

  2. Baboo, you see that you have more information! It’s not nothing special! Thanks for the input. Do you have any photo proof or anything confirming that they started dating in June?

  3. I guess she has a thing for guys with the name Radek. They make a gorgeous couple . I wish she looks like that on the tennis court because she always looking tired and can pass out at any moment .

  4. I think Radek is a common Czech name but way better than R. Stepanek. Petra deserves to be happy. They look awesome! Why is it Radek Stepanek gets the lovely girls in WTA? What is it with him?

  5. Emman Damian, yeah it’s one of my favorite photoshopped images and after all these years it’s still relevant ahhahah.

  6. I was wondering if anybody can help me with WTA point system. If you played tennis in 2013 & you defended those points in 2014, in 2015 do you start all over again with the points win or lose? Or do you have to defend your 2014 points?

  7. Darlene, every year you defend your last year’s points, more precisely, the rankings include a 52-week period.


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