Adidas unveils Angelique Kerber’s and Kristina Mladenovic’s outfits for Roland Garros 2017


After launching Stella McCartney’s designs for Garbine Muguruza and Caroline Wozniacki, Adidas is revealing a new collection set to be debuted by Angelique Kerber and Kristina Mladenovic at the 2017 French Open.

Green, white and grey colorblocks, inspired by the venue of the Parisian Grand Slam, are accentuated by bold emblems which provide a modern twist to a traditional tennis look. When it comes to performance, Adidas equipped their stars for a multitude of conditions, combining Clima technologies and mesh insets to ensure ventilation and quick evaporation of sweat.

Angelique Kerber will showcase the collection’s sporty Adidas Roland Garros Tank and Adidas Roland Garros Skirt which includes lovely bi-tonal pleats in green/white.

The Roland Garros line features the Adidas Roland Garros Court Dress available in two colourways (green/white and grey/white) and it will be worn by Kristina Mladenovic. Just like Kerber’s skirt, Mladenovic’s dress features bi-tonal pleating along the hem, bringing a bit of an edge to classic feminine pleats.

Both players will wear the Adizero Ubersonic 2 footwear which comes in green/white/orange.



  1. I love both designs. Green will definitely pop out in the red clay. Nice choice of color. I think Adidas athletes will be one of the best dressed again at RG. I think in Kiki’s promotional ad, there’s too much photoshop done on it. What do you think?

  2. Love it. The classic and conservative design is on point. I just hope I get to see the whole look of Kerber’s outfit in pictures before I see it in action.

    Overall, Good job Adidas! As always.

  3. Emman Damian, I also find the collection spectacular. Adidas always rocks at the French Open and these new clothes are perfect! As for Kiki’s photo, I agree, she looks like a wax figure.

    Ozzie, I think we can get the complete picture from these promo images. Adidas released two more promo pics, but they are similar to the racerback image I featured.

  4. Hi Marija

    Can you please do a piece on Maria and her comeback controversy? It would be great to have one place to get all the latest information. I think it would be more interesting if she were to go on comeback trail like Agassi did. It’s ridiculous that she is being given a red carpet treatment when she had doped! She seems far from remorseful after the lift on her ban. She acts like as if she has been vilified when it is her stupidity that got her into this mess.

  5. Marija, I already saw it on their website and its disappointing not seeing Kerber’s entire outfit in photograph. I’m just itching to see it. But looking at the pictures I suddenly miss Ivanovic. She will look incredible wearing the dress for sure.

    Anyway, I guess I just have to wait. 🙁

  6. Bella, a lot has been said about that case, so I don’t think I’ll write about it again, until Maria returns. The thing is that the official statement of CAS is that Maria’s use of Mildronate was not intentionally masked or hidden and that she should not be considered an intentional doper.

    Here are some statements from the CAS report:

    100. The Panel wishes to emphasize that based on the evidence, the Player did not endeavor to mask or hide her use of Mildronate and was in fact open about it to many in her entourage and based on a doctor’s recommendation, that she took the substance with the good faith belief that it was appropriate and compliant with the relevant rules and her anti-doping obligations, as it was over a long period of her career, and that she was not clearly informed by the relevant anti-doping authorities of the change in the rules. After its de novo review here, the Panel has determined it does not agree with many of the conclusions of the Tribunal, except as otherwise specifically indicated herein.

    101. Finally, the Panel wishes to point out that the case it heard, and the award it renders, was not about an athlete who cheated. It was only about the degree of fault that can be imputed to a player for her failure to make sure that the substance contained in a product she had been legally taking over a long period, and for most of the time on the basis of a doctor’s prescription, remained in compliance with the TADP and WADC. No question of intent to violate the TADP or WADC was before this Panel: under no circumstances, therefore, can the Player be considered to be an “intentional doper”.

  7. This is definatly a fierce look for a fierce competitor. I love all parts of this especially the color-block. I think that this will be a big competitor for Nike, especially because lately Nike had been using recycled colors and clothes. I also think that now with Ivanovic retired Kiki can make a household name of herself for Adidas and show that she is the next big superstar.

  8. I love this outfit. Way more than SMC’s ! Too bad Caro Wozniacki can not wear it, green is really great on her and I think that dress would fit her more than the one she wears (I love the red one though).
    However I don’t get why Mladenovic is the new adidas face… The next big thing ? Oh she’s good, no doubt but… I don’t know. Not sure about that (and at the moment, Halep or Kerber ARE the big things, no ?).

  9. Since Ana is no longer playing..I think it would be nice If Caroline Wozniacki is the main endorser of Adidas line, she will rock that dress than Kristina M…. And besides kristina is not a classy girl, who loves to say mean things in front of camera. No breeding at all.

  10. I love adidas fashion special Kiki dress.

    Sviđa mi se adidasova kolekcia posebno haljina Kiki Mladenović.


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