Updated: NikeCourt French Open styles for Serena, Halep, Svitolina and others


A month ago I showed you Maria Sharapova’s blue Nike dress for the upcoming French Open and now the Paris collection is available at Tennis Warehouse USA and Tennis Warehouse Europe, so we can see Masha’s promo imagery, as well as the full range of new clothes, including separates to be worn by Serena Williams, Simona Halep, Elina Svitolina, Petra Kvitova, Caroline GarciaGenie Bouchard and many more WTA players sporting the Swoosh.

Serena Williams‘ big return to a Grand Slam stage will probably take place in these dark separates, which will not be available for retail, so I have only these sketches.

Most Nike players are expected to wear the Nike Summer Zonal Cool Slam Tank, a body-hugging fit which stands out with its jacquard textured fabric and Dri-FIT technology that ensures dry comfort, and the Nike Summer Zonal Cool Smash Skirt.

The stretchy and lightweight skirt comes with built-in shorts and is available in two lengths.

We’ve gotten used to world No.1 Simona Halep wearing Nike, but the Romanian will be playing her first Grand Slam as the company’s representative and her most probable outfit for the occasion will be the above-shown NikeCourt tank + skirt/shorts ensemble, in the color neo turquoise.

The same kit will be worn by Elina Svitolina, Petra Kvitova, Caroline Garcia and other team players.

Halep’s shoes for the red Paris clay are expected to be the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X.

Genie Bouchard will go for the third version of the separates, the glacier blue Nike Summer Zonal Cool Slam Tank and its matching skirt.

As you can see, NikeCourt’s French Open collection continues the story of their Australian Open designs, which also featured a short top, i.e. Nike Spring Zonal Cooling Top, that was also all about engineered mesh zones.

(source: Tennis Connected)


Serena shocked us all by eventually wearing a black bodysuit!

The fact is that I did see the bodysuit in Nike’s sketches, but I was convinced it was a short-sleeved top + leggings combo, so I thought it was Serena’s practice outfit.

Eugenie Bouchard of Canada walks off the court after being forced to retire from her match at the 2018 Roland Garros Grand Slam tennis tournament

As for Genie, she retired from her qualifying match against Dalila Jakupovic, eventually wearing the neo turq Nike Summer Zonal Cool Slam Tank, and instead of pairing it with the matching Zonal Cool Smash Skirt, the Canadian opted for the pleated Summer Victory Skirt.



  1. Their all wearing the same outfit but in different colours? That’s a shame. Strange for Serena to wear separates at a grand slam, but I suppose new era and image for her since baby Olympia

  2. Are you sure that’s Serena’s wearing the same line as the Nike clans? Serena and Maria always have each their own designs separate from the clans!
    And is Genie even qualified for RG this year?

  3. A bit unfair for a 23-time GS Champ to wear the same ones with other players. Unless its actually Serena’s line

  4. Jacob, Ian, Johnny, it is strange that Serena will wear separates, but that’s the info I’ve found so far, thanks to Tennis Connected, which looks like a reliable source. Let’s wait a bit more to be 100% sure.

    Ian, qualifying is yet to take place.

  5. they dident know when serena would come back, so they dident have new clothing. dont thing it will be ready befor wimbeldon (Maybe first at us open )

  6. Is Serena really going to play Roland Garros? I will believe it when I see it. She’s preparing more for the Royal wedding than for tennis.

  7. Lolme, but the fact is also that they made dresses for her even when they new 100% that she wouldn’t play a Grand Slam. Let’w wait and see.

    Jim, I agree with you that she may withdraw at the last moment. BTW, do you know that my cousin’s baby boy (my cousin is married to a Chinese woman and they live in Shanghai) shot a commercial with Li Na!!! :))) I can’t wait to see it.

  8. Marija, is this the commercial? (link below) I found this as a recent post on Li Na’s Weibo account. It is a commercial about a baby milk powder product. There are several different aged little children in it. I thought that the youngest one might be Li’s second born Sapajou. Could one of the other boys in the commercial be your cousin’s boy? 😉


  9. I don’t know why they keep putting Serena in black. With her skin colour she looks great in brighter colours, especially for daytime. I don’t mind the turquoise outfit – good for blondes like Petra – but the mint green is pretty boring.

  10. According to this article: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/09/sports/tennis/eugenie-bouchard-agent-nike.html

    “With her longtime clothing sponsor Nike, Bouchard’s compensation is strictly performance- and rankings-based. That is a fairly standard part of the latter stages of those contracts.
    Bouchard is currently No. 116 in the WTA rankings. And according to two people with knowledge of Nike’s practices, the company is paying her zero dollars, as of March 1. It is expected that she will no longer wear a line exclusive to her.”

  11. Jim, oh my you’re a legend! He’s the little guy climbing the chair at 48 sec, he’s also looking through the window at 1 min 17 sec. I think he’s also the one sitting on the balcony while she’s spreading laundry. The baby on the slide could also be him, I have to ask my cousin, they look alike.

  12. Cute little guy, Marija! In this video, Li Na has such a loving calmness to her, that makes me believe she is a truly wonderful mother! As I am sure you are a wonderful mother! 🙂

  13. Jim, it’s so good for her that she had an illustrious career, earned a lot of money and then could retire at a young age to have children and enjoy family life at peace. I’m doing my best to be a good mom 🙂 Taking care of babies, especially boys, is more difficult than I imagined 😀

  14. TennisDresses, I had read that article as well. I never thought Bouchard should have a different outfit from the other Nike girls anyway. She never won a slam and was performing poorly immediately after the Wimbledon beat down from Kvitova. I was hoping Nike dropped her altogether.


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