Nike New York tennis collection takes us back to vintage ’80s designs


Nike players will bring a new twist on varsity sport with a retro-inspired tennis collection ready for the 2021 US Open.

Contrast striped trims and ribbed details combined with the characteristic red/blue/green/yellow color palette revive the classic ’80 style.

The Nike Fall NY Slam Dress features a V-neck, full-coverage back and striped fabric trim for a vintage look. The item has ribbed waistband and godet pleats at the sides of the skirt. The NikeCourt logo perfectly matches this retro vibe.

One version of the dress combines blocks of gorge green and binary blue, while two additional styles come in white and in yellow with contrasting trims and waistband.

The Nike Fall NY Slam Top features subtle knit-in stripes, mesh inserts on the upper chest, and ribbed cuffs and neckline. Besides these two color combinations, there is also a predominantly white design.

The T-shirt is meant to be paired with the Nike Fall NY Slam Skort that features color-blocked mesh panels and stripes at hem. A striped skort is also available. Moreover, Nike offers the Fall NY Slam Shorts, available in binary blue, white and in a color-blocked version where one side is blue and the other one red.

The selection of tops also includes the Nike Fall NY Slam Tank with oversized armholes.

Nike-sponsored WTA players will train in this Fall NYC Liberty Tank, as they prepare for their US Open matches. It’s a soft cotton-blend design featuring the graphic of the Statue of Liberty holding a racquet and hitting a tennis ball.

For colder weather, Nike offers a color-blocked hoodie, vibrant red zipper jacket and track style pants.

Bucket hats seem to be ever more popular in tennis collections. Nike provides them in four different colors now (green, blue, white, red).

For information about new Nike tennis shoes for women, click here.

The Nike New York collection is available at Tennis Warehouse USA and Tennis Warehouse Europe.



  1. I could see Chris Evert, Navratilova, and Pam Shriver wearing these and McEnroe wearing the floppy hat. Any ladies going to wear this at this year’s US Open? I just don’t see Serena wearing it.

  2. Jim, I suppose that all the NikeCourt ladies will wear these kits at the US Open: Sabalenka, Kvitova, Stephens, etc. Williams and Osaka will have their custom dresses, if everything goes as usual.

  3. Honestly these are terrible, this design makes the 2017 Adidas USO apparel looked better.
    Nike should really stop all the vintage design because they are not working at all.

  4. I quite like some of them. The red and blue sleeveless tops, the red jacket, the white and yellow dresses, the blue skirt with the red pleats. The short sleeve top is a but fussy and the blue and green dress is not a great colour combo.

  5. CLT, how come that dark green and navy don’t match? 🙂 I like that dress. Also, I like the fussy short-sleeve tops, the one with yellow sleeves.

  6. I guess I just don’t think the dark blue and green are particularly flattering on most people – particularly not on the dark-skinned model. She would look much better in the yellow. Maybe the blue and green wouldn’t be too bad on a very fair blonde, whereas the yellow wouldn’t be so great. And the top I think just too much going on – striped band, yellow sleeves, mesh insert, red line, self stripes on lower part – it’s like they thought of everything they could do and put it on one top. I like things that have interesting colours and simple style that relies on good design.

  7. These don’t look very flattering. The color is ok (the green and blue one) but the cut and fit just does not look good at all. I thought the Nike designs for the Australian Open (2 piece) and Roland Garros (dress) were good this year. At least Nike is more interesting than Adidas which basically rehashes the same design but just in different fabrics for the last 2 years!

  8. CLT, it’s nice to hear your opinion. I get it that some people would find the short-sleeved top fussy, although I find it balanced enough, but the navy and green dress is really a classic and I think the colors look great on dark-skinned people.

    Cat, Adidas designs are good, I really like this Y-back style, but I agree that something fresh would be welcome.

  9. All Nike sponsored Woman will be wearing these designs, only Serena and Naomi from the Nike woman athletes have their own Nike designs and teams who design exclusively for them. It used to be Serena and Maria for years had own Nike designs now it’s Naomi and Serena.

  10. Sloane Stephens wore the blue and green kit and Madison Keys wore the yellow (which looked more like gold live) in their US Open 1st round match against each other today and they looked great on them. The blue & green was fine on a dark-skinned Sloane. I’m just happy that they were not wearing the same outfit, which goes on way to much in modern day tennis. The fact there are multiple selections of colors this year may help prevent the “twinning” that goes on. The ladies should have 2 or 3 options each and get together before a match to make sure they don’t wear the same outfit.

  11. Jim, the yellow is actually university gold, that’s what the specification states. I agree, it’s good that this collection offers many styling options within the same theme. It’s actually good to see opponents wearing outfits from the same collection, but not exactly the same.

  12. It’s bad!! The dresses look so thick and unflattering. This color blocking story needed to stay in the 80s. Not modern or athletic. Nike really blew this one. Just no!


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