Nike women’s tennis shoes for Naomi Osaka’s US Open title defense

Nike Melbourne 2023 collection

Naomi Osaka‘s Nike Air Zoom GP Turbo women’s tennis shoes for the 2021 US Open will be a colorful celebration of her multicultural roots and youthful style.

The limited-edition sneaker features references to Naomi and her life: from her initials on the tongue and heel to the flags of Japan and Haiti to reference her heritage. The “NY” acronym represents the US Open, where the four-time Grand Slam champion will debut this shoe style as she starts her title defense.

The base color of the design looks like jeans. Accents are vibrant yellow and coral. The kicks are dressed up with a gold shoelace chain.

Naomi will pair these kicks with a neon yellow Nike dress. It’s a simple sleeveless design with contrast black trims on the neck and armholes. You can see it here.

Other Nike women’s tennis shoes for the 2021 US Open are simple white models with yellow, blue and green accents to complement the ’80-inspired apparel collection.

Shop Naomi’s US Open shoes at Tennis Warehouse.



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