Full-time mom Jelena Jankovic makes a rare appearance at Charleston Open

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After more than a year completely away from the public eye, former world No.1 Jelena Jankovic made a rare appearance at a tennis tournament. The retired WTA player from Serbia endured a long travel to Charleston to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Credit One Charleston Open, the event she won in 2007 by beating Dinara Safina in the final.

Due to a delayed flight, Jankovic was forced to travel from New York to Charleston, South Carolina by car for 14 hours. She arrived early Saturday morning exhausted, but positive energy she feels from the people and staff in Charleston helped her forget about tiredness. From what we could see, the 37-year-old was glowing in an orange suit and colorful Prada shoes.

Ever since giving birth to her daughter Una on April 6, 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia, Jankovic has kept her private life absolutely to herself. We came across just one photo of her, when a hairdresser shared a photo of JJ’s new hairstyle on Instagram in December last year.

Chatting with Diane of Women Who Serve, Jankovic explained why she loves the Charleston Open:

I’m an open and honest person; I always show my emotions…. Charleston, every year I came back to Charleston, they always made us feel like, you know, coming back to family. I think that’s what made me open up even maybe more….because I never take life very seriously, I’m just that type of person, so I think that’s why you could maybe get some more. Because maybe in other places, it was more serious—they didn’t give me that freedom to open and say some of the things maybe I would say here.

Speaking about her new role in life, Jankovic defined herself as a full-time mom. She is still breastfeeding and doesn’t have any nannies. Moreover, she prepares all her baby’s meals, although she does have a cook for herself.

Mentioning her daughter’s teething process, Jankovic complained:

I haven’t slept in like one year and three days.

Just a few days ago, the family celebrated Una’s first birthday at a restaurant in Belgrade.

Asked if she would like Una to become a tennis player, Jankovic said:

I see her handle the balls, unbelievable, in her tiny little hand, she found a way to hold two balls, and I don’t know how she even did that….She has very good motor skills, I see that from early, maybe three or four months.

Jankovic pointed out that she wouldn’t put any pressure on her child, but she would definitely introduce her to sports and active lifestyle, in order for her to stay away from electronic devices “so she can learn about being disciplined, responsible, respectful.” The 2008 US Open finalist added: “For me, the most important thing is that I want her to be a good person, to be respectful, and to have a good heart.”

In the interview, Jankovic also said that she is not doing any type of training right now, as she is absolutely preoccupied by being a mom, but she will resume some kind of physical activities when the time comes.



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