Tennis player Maria Sharapova of Russia

Guess what Maria Sharapova bought with her first prize money

Retired tennis star Maria Sharapova earned a whopping $325 million from prize money, endorsements and appearances over the course of her WTA career, but what were the first things the Russian athlete-turned-entrepreneur bought at...
Maria Sharapova Basil Haydens

Maria Sharapova unwinds with whiskey

Retirement has allowed Maria Sharapova to relax her eating and drinking habits. The five-time Grand Slam champion's Instagram feed often features a glass of wine or other alcoholic drink. Now the Russian is promoting...

Maria Sharapova shows Nike’s Spring 2021 new arrivals

Retired tennis icon Maria Sharapova chose an all-black outfit from Nike's Spring 2021 collection and posed for the brand's new campaign on a gloomy day in New York City. For the photo session shot by...

Maria Sharapova is engaged to Alexander Gilkes!

Bombshell: Maria Sharapova is engaged to long-time boyfriend Alexander Gilkes! Congratulations! The Russian tennis star shared a series of love photos with caption: "I said yes from the first day we met. This was our...

Maria Sharapova x Bala revolutionize the way we look at weights

This week, Maria Sharapova released a series of retro-inspired photos to promote Bala, a brand that combines fitness and style by offering a range of beautiful weights and accessories. This is the Russian's first...

Maria Sharapova’s home photoshoot for new Givenchy collection

Maria Sharapova has innate sense of style and a lot of experience in posing for fashion magazines, so the Russian tennis ace didn't need much effort to create stunning results using just a phone...

2020 US Open WTA apparel overview: Nike, Fila, Adidas, New Balance, and more

It's time for another Grand Slam fashion overview. We haven't had one since the Australian Open in January, as Wimbledon has been canceled and Roland Garros postponed. After a long period without tennis, apparel...

Maria Sharapova launches online tennis lessons on The Skills

Now that the world is shifting to online everything, including training, in just a few clicks of a button you can be coached by Maria Sharapova. The five-time Grand Slam champion filmed 20 episodes...

Sharapova shows a new blue NikeCourt dress!

This was unexpected. Right after the release of the Nike Fall NY Maria Dress, i.e. the day and night dresses from Maria Sharapova's collection for the 2020 US Open, the Russian is showing us...

Maria Sharapova’s 2020 US Open custom day and night dresses

You know you've built a serious brand when you don't even play tennis any more and your apparel line continues to attract as much attention as before. Nike has just released Maria Sharapova's day...
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