2020 US Open WTA apparel overview: Nike, Fila, Adidas, New Balance, and more

It's time for another Grand Slam fashion overview. We haven't had one since the Australian Open in January, as Wimbledon has been canceled and Roland Garros postponed. After a long period without tennis, apparel...

Maria Sharapova launches online tennis lessons on The Skills

Now that the world is shifting to online everything, including training, in just a few clicks of a button you can be coached by Maria Sharapova. The five-time Grand Slam champion filmed 20 episodes...

Sharapova shows a new blue NikeCourt dress!

This was unexpected. Right after the release of the Nike Fall NY Maria Dress, i.e. the day and night dresses from Maria Sharapova's collection for the 2020 US Open, the Russian is showing us...

Maria Sharapova’s 2020 US Open custom day and night dresses

You know you've built a serious brand when you don't even play tennis any more and your apparel line continues to attract as much attention as before. Nike has just released Maria Sharapova's day...

All Maria Sharapova’s Head tennis racquet bags from 2011 to 2020

Fashion Retrospections is one of Women's Tennis Blog's featured sections and while it is dedicated to my recaps of players' outfits through a single season, this time an Instagram follower asked me to do...

Sharapova joins tech wellness brand Therabody as investor and strategic advisor

Tennis star Maria Sharapova is investing in wellness brand Therabody, but her role will be much greater than that of a traditional investor, as the Russian will support the company's continued global expansion through...

Head presents 2020 tote, court and combi bags in the Maria Sharapova line

Ever since Maria Sharapova signed a multi-million Head racquet deal in early 2011, she's also been involved in the design process of elegant Head racquet bags that merge style and performance. The company that...

Maria Sharapova blames agent Max Eisenbud on failed doping test

Whether or not you are on Maria Sharapova's side, it can't be argued that her career and legacy have been permanently damaged by the failed Meldonium doping test and in a recent interview on...

Nike Summer Maria Paris Dress brings eveningwear to women’s tennis fashion

Even though Maria Sharapova retired in February, her Nike line lives on and there's a new tennis dress released for the 2020 French Open, i.e. just ahead of the tournament's original date which has...

Sharapova and Djokovic went on a date a long time ago! Now we know ALL the details.

Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic treated tennis fans with an entertaining Instagram Live this Tuesday. The Grand Slam champions chatted over an hour, revealing details about their first meeting and subsequent date, Sharapova's smooth...
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