Azarenka shows the face of her baby boy, he looks just like her!


After months of hiding the face of her nine-month-old son Leo, Victoria Azarenka has finally shown us his face and we can immediately notice that he’s her absolute copy. The 28-year-old Belarusian is naturally proud of that fact and calls the little guy mommy’s twin.

Look, a tennis racquet is already Leo’s favorite toy!

And he already has a personalized Yonex! The perks of having a Grand Slam champion mom.

Vika has even opened an Instagram account for little Leo and his bio says: “I’m Leo. My mommy is my photographer and PR manager.”

Azarenka is currently in the process of a custody battle with Leo’s father Bill McKeague, which has hampered her pregnancy comeback that had started off successfully in June 2017.


  1. That ex sounds like a terrible guy and his friend apparently harassed her on their IGs which is awful. I hope she wins the custody.

    Leo is very cute!


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