Madison Keys shows knitwear-inspired NikeCourt whites ready for Wimbledon 2019

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NikeCourt‘s Wimbledon 2019 collection emulates knitwear with sweater-like textures that add visual interest to the all-white gear. The company hasn’t revealed promo imagery of top players such as Naomi Osaka, Simona Halep, Petra Kvitova and others, but the Nike Women and NikeCourt Instagram profiles posted some photos and videos of Madison Keys in the new whites.

First, let’s see how Abby Swancutt, Global Design Director for NikeCourt, describes the process behind the new apparel:

We’re challenged to dimensionalize white here. That’s why textures are so important. We start by asking, how does the apparel actually feel to the touch, and is the athlete comfortable? Then we continue asking how that knitted texture is experienced by the eye, both on-court and from a distance.

Now let’s have a closer look at the Nike Fall Victory London Skirt, an asymmetric piece that stands out with its staggered hem and half-exposed elastic waistband adorned by a contrasting Swoosh and shiny lines that differ in color depending on where you’re seeing the skirt (here on Madison the lines look gold, at Tennis Warehouse they are white, while at the Nike website they seem silver).

The wrap-style all-around-pleated skirt comes with inner shorts for convenient ball storage. The skirt’s soft, stretchy fabric is equipped with sweat-wicking technology that ensures comfort and dryness.

Madison’s shirt looks like the Nike Basic Pure Top, which has a V-neck, raglan cap-sleeves and rounded hem.

When it comes to Nike’s press release, it shows Madison in the Nike Fall Slam London Dress and NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor X shoes that feature the tonally scribbled Swoosh. Even though the press release was published in time for Wimbledon, for some reason they chose to photograph Madison in the black version of the dress.

The Fall Slam London Dress is the most elegant item in the collection. It features several pleats in the back that enhance the sophisticated vibe of the lace skirt. Ribbing at the waist, armholes and neckline stretches as players chase the balls, while the back zip locks in place so it doesn’t bring distraction.

The most Wimbledon-ish item in this collection is the Nike Fall London Cardigan, a vintage-inspired look equipped with Dri-Fit technology. The nice-girl style is revamped with engineered knit-in design on back featuring a smiley tennis ball, the same one we can notice on Madison’s shoes.

This official promo image shows the curly blond model in what is supposed to be Maria Sharapova‘s Wimbledon dress, the model in the middle is showing that most of these items are also available in black, while the lady on the right is wearing the lace dress mentioned earlier in this post.

When it comes to Nike-sponsored Serena Williams, we know that her dress will be embellished with a crystal-studded Swoosh, but we haven’t seen the complete design, although we’ve seen her shoes, the Nike Flare 2 model.

The Nike London collection is available at both Tennis Warehouse USA and Tennis Warehouse Europe.



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