Wilson launches limited-edition Roland Garros 2023 tennis racquets

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Wilson‘s latest Roland Garros collection features some of the most popular tennis racquets with a stunning Paris-inspired cosmetic.

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wilson roland garros 2023

If you’re serious about your tennis performance, these racquets will help you elevate your game and style on the court.

Wilson Roland Garros Blade 98 16x19 v8


The Wilson Blade 98 16×19 v8 is listed in Tennis Warehouse’s 2023 best tennis racquets guide among superior options for intermediate players looking for great control and feel. Now offered in this beautiful French Open style, the Wilson Blade Roland Garros 98 16×19 v8 provides a spin-friendly playing experience and easy maneuverability. Players looking to attack the ball with full swings will get the most out of this racquet.

Wilson Roland Garros Clash 100 v2

Rated by Tennis Warehouse’s playtesters as the best arm-friendly racquet for the intermediate level, the Wilson Roland Garros Clash 100 v2 is designed to make hitting deep shots feel effortless while prioritizing comfort. It offers flexible feel with easy power and depth. Now it is available in a color palette inspired by the French Open.

Wilson Roland Garros Clash 100L v2

The Wilson Roland Garros Clash 100L v2 delivers explosive acceleration on groundstrokes along with quick handling at net. It has one of the lowest and most arm-friendly flex points on the market, ensuring a comfortable and arm-friendly hitting experience.

Wilson Roland Garros Super Tour 9-Pack Bag

Designed to celebrate the Grand Slam in Paris, the Wilson Roland Garros Super Tour 9-Pack Bag features two main compartments, one of which is equipped with Thermoguard technology, and two large accessory pockets on both sides. There is also a removable, zippered shoe sack.

Don’t miss out on this limited-edition Wilson x Roland Garros collection and get your hands on a new racquet now to celebrate the upcoming big tournament!



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