Yonex chooses lavender for 2021 Roland Garros women’s apparel

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While the latest tennis collections go between increasingly popular tie-dye patterns and elegant darker tones, Yonex is the only one choosing a lavender shade for the 2021 French Open.

The Yonex RG Tank is a classic design with a ribbed collar and armholes. Zipper lets you adjust your fit and side hem vents allow for a greater range of motion.

The Yonex RG Skirt is a classic solid-colored pleated-hem design.

There are three options for the warm-up or colder weather days. You can go for lavender all the way, the white version of the Yonex RG Long-Sleeve Top, or create some contrast with the zipper navy top, my personal favorite.

Anastasija Sevastova is Yonex’ leading representative at the upcoming French Open. The Latvian faces seed No.13 Jennifer Brady in the first round.



  1. Dear Yonex Tennis Apparel, Hire me n I will sketch you the most beautiful dresses/tank/top skirts for these women.

    I am never a fan of polo sleeveless top, if they going polo, it should be polo short sleeve top or polo sleeveless dress!

    I don’t mind this lavender color though, I would choose the skirt with white/grey/violet to contrast with the lavender

  2. Joe, thank you. I do my best to be among the first to deliver all the latest women’s tennis fashion news.

    Ian, why are you against a sleeveless polo top and like a sleeveless polo dress?

  3. Marija, to be honest I just dont think they looked stylish, it looks stuffy for the neck area (for a top), and it looks old fashion, but sleeveless polo dress looks classic/vintage!

  4. CLT, purple is one of my favorite colors, as you can see in my blog’s design, and it is refreshing to see one company standing out from the rest so much. Lavender is just a regular color, but in this current offer it seems bold.


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