Recycled waste meets high-end tennis fashion: Wozniacki’s Adidas outfit for Australian Open


Adidas is revealing new clothes ready for the 2019 Australian Open and they’re kicking off the campaign with photos of defending champion Caroline Wozniacki wearing separates made from recycled waste.

When we think of the Australian Open, we think of the ocean, sun and beaches. Last year, Adidas’ Melbourne collection was inspired by beachwear, while this year the sports clothing giant joined forces with Parley for the Oceans, using some of their yarn in the new collection. Raising awareness about the plastic pollution in our precious waters, Adidas included Parley Ocean Plastic™, which is “intercepted from beaches and coastal communities before it reaches the ocean”.

WHAT IS PARLEY? Parley is the space where creators, thinkers, and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction.

Promo imagery shows Wozniacki in the Adidas Spring Parley Tank Top and the Parley Skirt, both including a 3D structure on the inside to enhance airflow. The collection’s blue color palette celebrates oceans, just as its recycled polyester that is meant to save resources and decrease emissions.

The Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 Parley shoe model is listed as Wozniacki’s choice for Melbourne.

As you can see, this time Wozniacki is not promoting Stella McCartney’s designs. If you remember, last year the Dane started her Melbourne campaign in Stella’s gear, but then switched to the jumpsuit which was part of Adidas’ regular line. Here you can see my overview of all Wozniacki’s 2018 outfits.

What’s a bit strange is that Adidas’ website lists Angelique Kerber as the player planned to wear this tank and skort, while there’s no mention of Wozniacki, even though she’s the leading face in the campaign.



  1. Do you know who choose who wear what ? Wozniacki seemed to wear dresses over the years ; now she gets separates and Muguruza & Mladenovic get the dresses. Is it a brand choice or a player choice ? Same thing : Kerber always had separates even though she is the most successfull Adidas player : does she prefer ?
    What about Osaka ? Is there going to be another line for AO19 ?
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Virginie, I can’t tell you with certainty, but I think that it’s rather a brand’s choice as to whether a player will wear dresses or separates.

    As for Osaka, last year she and Ostapenko were dressed different from Mladenovic & Muguruza, and of course Wozniacki, who was initially wearing Stella. I still don’t have info about Osaka’s AO19 style, but I saw some spring 2019 black and scarlet gear at Tennis Warehouse. I’ll post info as soon as I get something official.

  3. Hi! New here and LOVING the blog! You said that you think that “it’s rather a brand’s choice as to whether a player will wear dresses or separates”. What if the player does not like wearing dresses for example? Shouldn’t that be a player’s choice among the pieces available in that line??

  4. Lara, I’m glad you like my blog 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to tell me that in the comments 🙂 Your question is really good, but I haven’t discussed it with any of the players, I can only assume. I suppose that they have limited options to choose from, they are paid to wear what they wear. Look for example Nike, even though their outfits are available in different colors, the majority of players are dressed the same. I think that the sponsor chooses, or they make an agreement in the beginning. Some players always wear dresses, some always separates. Ana Ivanovic, for example, always wore dresses at Grand Slams as Adidas’ top representative at the time, while sometimes she may have preferred separates.

  5. Thanks for your answer Marija. Your comment about defining that at the beginning of the contract is exactly what I thought. But some choices bother me, such as Elina’s and Simone’s outfit at the Australian Open. While Eugenie Bouchard seems perfectly confortable with those “cropped” tops, Elina was pulling hers down all the time. That kind of thing can affect your game…


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