Maria Sharapova’s bright day sky print dress for Australian Open 2019

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We’re already in mid-December and we still have no official confirmation of any Australian Open 2019 dresses, but after speculations that the pink Nike dress could be Serena Williams’ choice for Melbourne and the sneak peek at a bunch of Venus Williams’ EleVen looks for the next season, I’ve come across these images of Maria Sharapova‘s dress for the first Grand Slam in the coming year.

A Tennis Forum member posted these photos of the new Nike Spring Maria Dress for the 2019 Australian Open. It’s a simple silhouette, way more simple than what we’re used to from seeing the Russian wear. The color, i.e. the print, is also unusual when it comes to Sharapova, as she’s not prone to patterns.

I’ve been doing overviews of Sharapova’s fashion for more than 10 years and, going through them all in my Fashion Retrospections, I can tell you that the last time the five-time Grand Slam champ wore a bold print was way back at the 2010 Australian Open, when she introduced a blue dress with graphic mesh overlay. It was a hate-it-or-love it design (here you can have a closer look at it) and in my mind I remember it as the “seaweed dress” :).

Busy prints have been ever more popular in WTA fashion in recent years (Venus Williams loves them the most!) and even though this bright day sky pattern is subtle when compared to the competition, it’s a big novelty in Sharapova’s style. What do you think? How will this new approach work on Masha?



  1. I love it! Think it’ll look great on Maria. I wonder what colour visor and wristbands she’d have with them? I’m guessing the baby pink

  2. Simple dress, but the sky pattern kinda lift up the dress..
    I hope she wearing a matching shoes with the dress, i hate it when Maria wore mismatched shoes’ color during her slam tournament (ie: ’18 RG, ’14 RG, ’14 AO)..

  3. Jacob, I still don’t know about the accessories. Maybe orange, to match the Swoosh.

    Ian, it would be a real step out of Maria’s comfort zone to also wear sky print shoes.

  4. I usually love Maria’s outfits but I’m worried that this will just look like she’s been sweating too much in the heat and the colours have run!


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