Adidas is ready for the 2020 US Open, launches NYC collection


Tennis needed five months to figure out how to handle the coronavirus pandemic and now the busy tournaments in Prague and Lexington are accompanied by just as dynamic releases of new tennis outfits, as we’re rapidly approaching the 2020 US Open.

Adidas-sponsored players have new gear ready for the most fashionable Grand Slam — a collection marked by power pink and haze coral hues combined with black, white and grey. The new range includes one super unconventional piece of tennis clothing, read on to find out the details.

The mesh elastic Y-back straps of the Adidas NYC Dress follow along the same lines as the sportswear manufacturer’s recent tennis designs, for example pieces from the Prime Blue collection. The dress flares into an A-shape with micro-pleated skirt. Breathability is ensured by Adidas’ HEAT.RDY technology. The item is available in glory grey and in white, with coral stripe accents.

For players preferring a classic look, Adidas offers the NYC Sleeveless Polo. The solid-colored item features a ribbed collar with covered placket, double layer mesh HEAT.RDY material and side vents at hem. Giving its share in the fight against plastic waste, this product includes recycled materials.

The Adidas NYC Y-Back Tank is another item made from soft, silky fabric that keeps players feeling cool, dry and confident on court.

Perforated elastic waistband works together with HEAT.RDY cooling technology to take comfort to the next level in the Adidas NYC Skirt. Compression shorts are included in this design. The tops can also be paired with the new Adidas NYC Shorts, an all-black design made from textured fabric.

The most surprising and innovative item in this collection is the Adidas NYC Shrug, shown above in the middle. I don’t remember we’ve had anything similar in women’s tennis fashion, pretty much ever. Am I right? The super-cropped top with long sleeves brings the edge to every on-court look while also serving as a sun protector (mesh fabric assists air flow) and as light coverage in colder weather.

For training, Adidas created the NYC Graphic Tank made from soft cotton-blend fabric. Wristbands and Aeroready Visor in power pink serve as accessories in this new collection.

What would you wear if you were a WTA player endorsing Adidas at the 2020 US Open? I would go for the white Y-back tank and the pink printed skirt. I would also make sure to sport the shrug, when appropriate.



  1. I’m always fascinated by Adidas dresses so maybe I’ll sport that (since Ana prefers dresses too). The shrug looks innovative and fun! It matches the outfits. This will look good with Mugu for sure!

  2. If only Ana n Daniela were still playing, these dresses need beauties like them to wear it..

    But why is Adidas limited itself on the designs now, i remember Adidas used to have like 3-4 different lines per season; Barricade, Adizero/Adilibria, Adipure, n Stella. Then Stella+Barricade merge…and now only one line..
    Are they trying to make more profit by limiting the design?

  3. Ian, limiting the number of designs makes sense in this COVID-19 era, but they started doing it a long time ago. They seem to be investing less in tennis, for some reason. What is beyond my understanding is that they discontinued Adidas Tennis Twitter profile. How much effort and investment does it take to tweet once in a while? And on Instagram, they still haven’t shared the news about this new collection. I’m not an expert in marketing, but I’m not sure if limiting the design increases profit, I would even say it’s on the contrary.


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