Andre Agassi’s 1990 fashion makes a return to tennis in Nike collection for the 2020 US Open


Nike is bringing back Andre Agassi’s anti-establishment aesthetic in the 2020 US Open collection, reviving the ATP icon’s Challenge Court apparel that broke the mold for tennis fashion 30 years ago.

The 2020 Challenge Court collection is made from a contemporary material palette to ensure top performance while honoring the past with Agassi’s legendary style that mixed denim, neon and surf/skate-like geometric patterns.

Here’s a vintage Nike ad for the Challenge Court collection that Agassi wore during his run to the 1990 US Open final, the second Grand Slam final of his career.

“It just started with me being opinionated and Nike having a sense of being willing to push boundaries,” Agassi told Forbes about the driving force behind his 1990 designs. “It was uncovering what I wanted to communicate. A lot of it had to do with the rebellious phase I was in, anything that broke the establishment idea was a big motivator at the time.”

The 2020 iteration of the legendary on-court apparel that reimagined tennis fashion focuses on keeping the core Challenge Court hallmarks such as jorts, crop tops, neon, smudges, bold-colored graphics, spandex and the handmade feel of the Challenge Court logo inspired by an accidental ink blot.

“It will be odd for me to see great players and athletes busting out the new performance materials and stuff I wish I had even then,” said Agassi about the new clothes that evoke a sense of nostalgia. “I got a chance to live with it and it has come a long way. I was just a teenager willing to take chances with a company also willing to take chances. We had some fun stuff over the years, and we get to relive it now.”

Along with on-court basics like shorts and crop tops, highlights include logo-driven accessories, polos and fresh colorways of NikeCourt’s current suite of footwear.

Air Zoom GP Turbo tennis shoe

The 2020 Challenge Court collection will be worn by Nike-sponsored players during the upcoming tournaments in New York City — the Western & Southern Open, followed by the US Open.



  1. Just saw Donna Vekic wearing a really unflattering polo shirt which is part of this collection. Bet she’s not happy about that.

  2. CLT, I’ve seen it. I like its casual fit, but it could be uncomfortable as it looks too big on Donna, it is too loose for a tennis top. Right?

  3. Its kinda like tribute to Agassi or 90s costumes party.
    I kinda like it.
    I remembered James Blake wore it back in ’06, he was doing a tribute for Agassi’s last slam, he won his round with Agassi’s clothing with Agassi closing..

    Btw any news on Nike Maria line and Serena’s dress?

  4. Ian, you know that in recent years we are practically never informed about Serena’s dresses in advance. I’d like Nike to change that practice. Also, still no news about the Maria line.

  5. I loooove Vekic’s’ kit, but Garcia is playing as I type this and her kit looks incredible on her, better than on Fernandez even.

  6. I don’t mind the concept and I think Victoria Azarenka looks great in the all-pink version, just not the polo shirt. Clothes were worn bigger and looser in the 80s (or whenever it was) but a big shirt like that looks better on a man with broader shoulders than a petite woman like Donna. The polo is a fail in my view.


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