Maria Sharapova’s 2020 US Open custom day and night dresses


You know you’ve built a serious brand when you don’t even play tennis any more and your apparel line continues to attract as much attention as before. Nike has just released Maria Sharapova‘s day and night dresses for the 2020 US Open.

The mustard-colored version is probably intended for day matches, while the olive-toned one is for night sessions. The colors are somewhat similar to Masha’s 2019 US open designs.

The dress includes mesh underlayers at chest and back, creating a unique visual and textural experience. Wide mesh insets on the sides of the skirt also add breathability and give the dress an occasionwear vibe.

Had the Russian not retired, she would have completed the elegant Nike look with her 2020 Head racquet bag collection. By the way, if you haven’t already, check out my overview of all custom Head racquet bags Masha wore from 2011 onwards.

Hopefully we’ll see the new dresses from the Maria Sharapova line in action at the US Open. Tennis Warehouse Europe website, where the dresses are already available for purchase, lists Belinda Bencic as a player who will wear them, although the Swiss has withdrawn from the US Open.

The majority of Nike-sponsored athletes will sport the vibrant Challenge Court collection inspired by Andre Agassi’s groundbreaking 1990 fashion.



  1. Wow I love the dress, lots of layers and lace like, definitely perfect combination of high fashion + sporty + sexy!
    But I am never a fan of mustard color. Kinda wish the day dress was in a vibrant stabilo color like Rafa’s crew or maybe softer color.
    Other than that, sheer perfection fro the design!

  2. Ian, I like these undefined colors, if I may call them that way. Although, not everyone can pull it off, Maria certainly can. As for the design, I absolutely agree, you gave a perfect description.


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