Part 2: Is this Serena Williams’ Australian Open dress?


Back in October last year, I posted an article “Is this Serena Williams’ Australian Open 2019 dress?, as the tennis legend was spotted in a never-before-seen light pink Nike dress, but when the new season started, the American wore that dress at the Hopman Cup, so it was clear that in Melbourne she would have to introduce something else.

We’re just hours away from the beginning of the Australian Open and we still don’t know 100% what the 23-time Grand Slam champion will wear. The last outfit that Serena wore at a tournament and that was also available at retail was her 2017 Australian Open dress. So, since Serena’s comeback from maternity leave, none of her on-court apparel could be found in stores. That being said, things may be changing now, as the official Nike website lists this Spring Player Dress in the “Serena Williams” category.

The silhouette definitely resembles something Serena would wear, as she tends to have her waist accentuated. The dress exists in lucid green with black and white stripes and in white with laser fuchsia and black stripes.

My favorite feature of the dress is the triangular back cutout rounded by stripes.

Very soon we’ll definitely have the mystery resolved, as Serena starts her Australian Open 2019 campaign on January 15th against Germany’s Tatjana Maria.



  1. If you check her Instagram, it looks like she might be wearing seperates! I guess we’ll see on Tuesday!

    Can’t wait. Aus Open is my fav 🙂

  2. Jacob, I saw that post an hour ago. She’s wearing that blue skirt from the new collection, but I doubt she’ll wear it during matches.

  3. Yes I picked it! But I’m still not confident in the green dress just yet! She tends to go with colours the same as Rafa or Roger (now not with Nike) used to wear and just switch them up. Rafa is wearing bright pink and Yellow this year so I’m rrally looking forward to what she comes out in, so unusual not to be able to find anything online so close to the slam hmmmm

  4. In the past, Serena used to wear something in the same color of the other Nike clans, but ever since her comeback, Nike has made her own Nike color per season.
    I have a guess that she will do the same this year.
    N this spring player dress is Im guessing for Bouchard/Stephens/Vika…

  5. Yay, living legend! The GOAT is back and looking good, so is that green outfit. Watch out ladies, she means business. Whatever the outcome at AO, Serena’s still the GOAT, and the whole world knows it.

  6. Sorry to see Serena out of the Australian Open. I will not seeing her in the green attire. Big distraction. Too much emphasis on her big posterior. She seems to love to expose it.
    As a fan of Naomi Osaka, I am glad that we will not have a repeat of lady’s year drama.
    Between the fake hair and the inappropriate sport attires, she is a bad example for young black women.


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