The word is out that this is Maria Sharapova’s Australian Open 2020 dress


After a very patchy 2019 season during which she played just eight tournaments, Maria Sharapova has the 2020 Australian Open on her schedule and photos of two Nike Spring Maria Dresses have appeared as her probable fashion choice for the Grand Slam.

Maria Sharapova Australian Open 2020 red dressMaria Sharapova Australian Open 2020 Nike dress

You may remember that we had two white dresses as Sharapova’s expected looks for Wimbledon 2019, but the Russian shocked us by showing up at the grass-court major in a never-before-seen third dress design, so I’m taking all previews of her outfits with a grain of salt. Anyways, a bunch of people are posting online these two dresses, claiming that that’s what she’ll wear in Melbourne.

Colors red and black are not typical options for Australia. In my opinion, they are perfect for the US Open, while some lighter tones are better fitting for the overly sunny courts in Melbourne, but hey, who am I to doubt the tennis glamour queen and Nike? To increase air-flow, the dress features asymmetrical mesh sections at chest, waist and hem, as I can notice in these preview pics.

Let’s see if Sharapova will confirm her Australian Open outfit in the coming weeks. In the meantime, let’s just hope that the most important thing, her health, allows her to give us the best she’s got at the season’s first major. In a recent interview, the former world No.1 currently ranked No.133 kept her form under question, although a trip to Melbourne is not in doubt:

I think that will be one of the biggest challenges for the new year, is to have a set schedule. I definitely look forward to going to Australia and seeing how things go, see how the body holds up there.

The Nike Spring Maria Dress is now available at both Tennis Warehouse USA and Tennis Warehouse Europe.

UPDATE: On January 15th, Maria tweeted a photo of the red dress, so we can confirm that it’s her choice for the Aussie Open.



  1. Maria has been rocking these type dresses shape since 2017, higher neckline, with the swoosh on the center, not really a fan of it for 2020, i wish Nike designed like spaghetti stripes for her, but I love the mesh and the see through part.
    And I agree the colors are too heavy for Aussie sunshine, shouldve been somethibg like dusty pink, or volt yellow wouldve stood out.
    I assume she will wear the red for the Melbourne, n black for the sunshine double tournaments?

  2. Ian, I would be shocked if she picks the black one for Melbourne. But also, I wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually appears in some other design.

  3. The red dress will compliment the red signage from the Asian company that sponsors the tournament, if the signage is the same as 2019 AO


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